Google Notebook

Google has launched a new service that could be immensely useful for researchers.


You sign in to your Google Account, then install the Google Notebook application (for Firefox it's an extension).

You can then select text or images from any page, and a right-click menu option lets you copy that snippet to your notebook. Alternatively, you can keep a notebook window open in your browser and click its “Add note” button. Google Notebook keeps track of the URL from which your snippet came.

You can have one or more notebooks, and you can keep them private or tell Google to make them public. You can organise your notes by dragging, and you can add your own text and headings. You can also directly edit the clipped text. Naturally, there's a search box (for your own notebook or for all public notebooks).

Whenever you're logged in to Google, the search results will have an added “Note this” link. When clicked, this changes to “Duly noted” and the link (and search result snippet) appear in your notebook.

This is a great way to collect information for a research task!

(via Google Blogoscoped)

4 Responses to “Google Notebook”

  1. pafalafaga says:

    Looks good except it doesn’t seem to have screen capture.

    What a pity…here they are trying to out-do eSnips and they pretty much do it, except that they leave out eSnips’ best feature!

    Am I missing something…?

  2. Sublime1 says:

    Notebook only works in Firefox. eSnips is a bit more versatile, though I’ve yet to get the r-click ‘snip to my account’ tool to work in IE. I’ve come to prefer Google’s other acquisition, Writely. You can select, copy and paste everything on a web page into it, and you get 1GB of storage space. It’s in beta, and invite-only at the moment, but you can add yourself to their waiting list.

  3. Guillermo says:

    Notebook did work for me in IE, and I’m finding it useful. Never tried eSnips. What is “screen capture” by the way?

  4. Sublime1 says:

    Screen capture in eSnips allows you to click a button which activates a drawing cursor, and lets you draw a box around whatever part of a webpage you want to take a snapshot of. You can then send it to the clipboard or snip it to your account.