For the Greater Google…Part II

Back to the big question of “How can we make Google even better?” (and I’m not sure a death ray is best way to go, here)

My big suggestion for the day is…

Fixing Ctrl-C. One of the most basic tasks in working with text is the old cut-and-paste. It’s also one of the most @#$%^&*! intolerable. How many times have you tried to simply paste text from a web page into a document, only to have it come out jibberish, or have screwy line breaks, or a ton of unwanted characters, or wind up with invisible code being made visible?

And tables…oy vey! Pasting text from web columns into a spreadsheet is a fool’s errand, as likely to result in all the text being dumped into a single cell, as in any sort of neat, usable, formatted table. Cutting and pasting text and tables from PDF files is a Sisyphussian task, and attempting to cut/paste from a Google cache will more than likely freeze your window.

Use ‘Paste-Special’, you say? To which I say…Hah!

This isn’t all Google’s fault, of course. But that’s just the problem It’s nobody’s fault…and nobody’s working to fix it. If only Google would make it their mission, what an act of public service they would be performing. Heck, they’re all geniuses. Coming up with a good Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V fix should take ’em about ten minutes.

They’ve already got their Google Notebook in beta, so what better platform for working on the cut-and-paste problem?

It’s 11:00 a.m. in Washington DC as I post this. I’ll be looking for the fix by, shall we say, noon?

David Sarokin aka pafalafaga

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