What’s the name of that book?

Some of GA’s finest are very good in finding names of books, based on a brief description. This week, for example:

  • “gotisbrown3000” asked about an “Arthurian legend with homoerotic overtones”. Secret901 found the answer, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. Secret is generous enough to reveal the secret – a small hint led him to read the relevant Wikipedia article
  • On the same day, “jengod1” was also helped, in the quest for a mystery treasure hunt book, read as a child. Jengodl even says that “I probably won’t get this answered since my “clues” are so vague”, but surprise! Bobbie7 seems to have found the answer: In Search of the Golden Horse by Sheldon Renan. What did Bobbie do? She also reveals her method: she searched the internet with keywords of the “vague clues”, adding the term “book”. In the thank-you-note, Jengod1 says: “I’m ashamed of myself. I thought I was gonna stump you guys. Naturally it only took, like, 2 minutes for a Google Researcher to figure it out.”

These are two good ways to find books you remember from your childhood: Wikipedia and searching the web for important keywords about the story. Another good way might be to use Amazon.com. Amazon now have a search-engine that enables you to search inside books. That means that you can try to search for an unusual name, an unusual combination. Or… You can always try to stump those GARs…

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  1. bowler-ga says:

    Thought I’d submit an answer to a question I posed to Juggler about this very subject: