How (not) to become a Google Answers Researcher

People frequently ask how they can become a researcher for Google's Google Answers service. With a particularly delicious touch of irony, some even post their enquiry as a $2 question at Google Answers.

Truth is, it's not hard to find the answer. A Google search forĀ become a google answers researcher (with or without quotes) will find the answer amongst the first page of links. Unfortunately, when people do find the answer, it's unlikely to be what they were hoping for.

One Response to “How (not) to become a Google Answers Researcher”

  1. bowler-ga says:

    Yes, I’ve been wondering about that. Although I question the statement “as we likely will begin accepting applications again in the near future” since I’ve been checking back for 4 years.

    Guess I’ll have to wait until one of you guys “kicks the bucket”. (I’m kidding of course).