A moment in time.

The census returns are a good source of information for the genealogist and the local historian. Looking at the 1881 census for England gives us chance to see some famous, or to become famous, men and women of the 19th and 20th centuries.

These links are to some of the 1881 transcriptions from familysearch.org.

Queen Victoria. The Queen’s Personal Servant, John Brown, with whom she a strong bond, is also shown. The number of servants is quite astounding.

William Gladstone, the then Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during the Second World War.
Here he is as a 6-year old with his the father, Lord Randolph CHURCHILL M.P.

Charles Robert Darwin, naturalist and author, shortly before his death in 1882.

Friedrich Engels. With Karl Marx developed the theory of communism. Marx is shown as Wass.

Thomas Hardy, author and novelist. Not living in his beloved Dorset, but a London suburb.

Joseph Carey Merrick aka John Merrick. The so-called Elephant Man who resided in the Leicester Union Workhouse.
If you’re are not familiar with his sad story, see this page for additional background information.

Florence Nightingale, nursing pioneer who famously went to the Crimean War to help sick and injured soldiers.

And the Earl of Lucan, famous for being involved in the Charge of the Light Brigade debacle.

They lived one or two doors away from each other. I wonder if they reminisced about old times and the Crimean War?

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