Ancient Egypt – Another Exodus

Phillip was stamping his feet and blowing into his hands. The winds whipping into Alexandria from the sea were bitter. The ports of this Roman occupied city were as busy as they had ever been.

One of the reasons for this was the number of old and established Egyptian business houses that were in the process of taking advantage of Rome’s enlightened trade policies and establishing branch houses throughout the Empire.

That is where I come in. Our family is an ancient one and we have the largest and most famous winery in Egypt. There has been a small export market due to buyers sending the product out of the country. When we found that the prices for our product in other regions of the Empire was near top tier, we decided to eliminate the middle man and go out on our own.

So, here I am, Phillip Digsopter, a scion of an ancient and noble Theban family, off to do business in Athens.

What do I know about living in Greece? Do they even have a history? They seem to have come on the world stage so late. Myth says they claim descent from the Palace Civilizations of Crete. Others, such as the Dorians, claim to come from the North?

And since I, as an Egyptian, am forbidden to live in our own capital city, reserved for Greeks, Romans and foreigners only, I will go live among them.

I wonder if they’ll call me “Digs?”

Seems like everybody in the family has been stuck with that nickname for 2000 years?

Till next time, when we begin a series about ancient Greece. It will sort of be like two soap operas, because the Egyptian history will continue also.

The third soap will begin when we discover that while all this is going on in the Roman and Egyptian worlds, on the other side of the globe, a different type of ancient culture was developing. The Malay had entered the Philippines.

P. Digsopter

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