Search the Enron emails

When the US Department of Justice referred to a “criminal conspiracy to commit one of the largest corporate frauds in American history”, it was referring to the Enron scandal.

Now, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has released a database of hundreds of thousands of Enron emails to the public. The folks who produce the InBoxer “Anti-Risk Appliance” have cleaned up the database, stripped some of the spam and routine system messages, and made the rest easy-to-search.


You will need to register to search (it’s free). There’s even a series of contests, with iPod Shuffles as prizes. There are three contest sections:

  • The email message whose sender is most deserving to be sacked
  • Enron’s funniest email jokes
  • The most embarassing message for the sender

The search site has been set up in order to advertise the InBoxer Anti-Risk appliance, which can apparently scan outgoing emails and report on those which appear to be personal in nature or which might be divulging company secrets.

But that needn’t get in the way of using these emails for research purposes.

(via Dave)

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