A pastebin for sharing text

Have you ever needed to post a large text file for discussion, but been stymied by line-wrapping gremlins? Did you want the file line-numbered so that you could discuss specific parts of it? Did you want to post a file for someone to see but have it automatically removed after a month (or after a day)?

What you need is a pastebin. You can host one on your own website, but why bother when there are a number of free online pastebins, for example http://pastebin.com/

Just visit the site and copy some text into the text box. Optionally add your name and choose how long you would like your post to be retained. Click “Send”, and you will be given a short URL at which you and others can access your content.

To show how it works, I posted the complete lyrics of God Save the Queen which you can now see at http://pastebin.com/709363 complete with the politically-incorrect line highlighted. To achieve the highlight I just prefixed that line with a marker of @@ which causes pastebin to use a yellow background for that line.


When you view a pastebin page you can download the file, or make some changes and post a revised version. You can even click “diff” to highlight the differences between one revision and another.

If you are pasting computer programs, you can ask pastebin to apply syntax-highlighting in any of dozens of programming languages.

You can’t post binary files – but for collaborating with text files it’s great!

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