Too much information!

There are some things that it’s best not to know about. Konrad Adenauer, echoing Bismarck, once said that “People sleep easier when they do not know what goes into making politics and sausages”.

If you don’t already know what natural sausage casings are made from, you’d be well advised not to click the link.

But people are curious, and there are plenty of Google Answers questions that you might not want to read prior to eating.

Or drinking. Do you want to know how to render human or animal urine safe to drink? I don’t, but redhoss-ga was happy to take on bethc50-ga’s $35 question.

You would think that “Most unaccountably popular pop song” would be a safe question to read, and indeed it is until you get to the part where knowledge_seeker-ga advises that:

“It’s a Small World” is the universal antidote song — guaranteed to remove any other song from your brain. However, it should be used with caution as there is no known method for removing it.

When richard-ga was helping to identify carpet worms for beeb-ga, he couldn’t resist telling his own worm story, but at least he prefixed it with the words “Squeamish people may wish to stop reading at this point”.

Alvarez469-ga wanted to know “the worst and strongest foul odor available for purchase on line” and omniscientbeing-ga was able to tell him what it is and where to buy some.

Tutuzdad-ga has no qualms about answering these kinds of questions. He was able to go into specific detail about why you wouldn’t want to boil eggs together with your vegetables, and he also offered help for the poop-eating dog (would you believe that adding spinach to the dog’s diet might make it too disgusting even for the dog to eat?).

The question “How much pus can milk have in it and still be sold legally” was asked and answered twice – in 2002 and 2005. You probably don’t want to know the answer.

If you got this far through this blog post, you must have a pretty strong stomach. In that case, you won’t mind knowing that those little mini droplets that you sometimes feel near trees on a sunny evening are actually insect excretia. I could even handle answering that one.

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