A little Oklahoma humor

(via Jean)

A candidate for the US Senate was campaigning in Oklahoma, and he visited Cherokee Nation headquarters to make a speech. “When I am elected,” he said, “I'll have a brand new university built here, just for the Native people.”

The members of the audience waved their arms in the air and exclaimed “Ungya! Ungya!”

“When I am elected, I'll have a new, state-of-the-art hospital built here,” the candidate continued. The audience again responded with cries of “Ungya! Ungya!”

The candidate was impressed with the crowd's lively reaction, and he declaimed, “When I am elected, the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be totally overhauled.” Once again, the audience responded with “Ungya!”

After the speech, the leaders of the tribe took the beaming politician on a tour of the area, starting with a horse ranch. As they neared the stables, the Chief whispered to the candidate, “Watch your feet. Don't step in the ungya.”

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