Google Answers…Questions, Questions, Questions

Question #1…Why does my back hurt?

I don't know the answer, but it does (oh boy, does it!), and since I'm stuck at home with some idle time on my hands, I've done something rather geekishly amusing.

I took a look at 610 questions posted to Google Answers during the month of June.

This isn't the total month's worth of questions, but it's a pretty good chunk, and perhaps of interest to see how the questions were distributed:

14 were $200 questions, only 2 of which have been answered thus far.

43 were between $100-$200

69 were between $50-$100

155 were for $5 or less

170 questions have been answered

107 questions have expired, most before the 30 day 'natural' expiration date. No doubt many others will expire as the calendar counts down.

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