The top Google Answers customers

Who are the top customers of Google Answers?

My researcher colleagues and I were wondering about this a few weeks ago. We haven’t done a thorough check (because we aren’t allowed to crawl the Answers database), but we think we have identified the top few customers.

Probonopublico-ga takes the lead, with 532 questions asked, of which 331 have been answered.

Quite a way behind is shoaib-ga, with 273 questions (112 answered).

Also with 112 questions answered is grthumongous-ga, who has asked 181 questions, followed by blucken-ga at 168 asked, 91 answered. There’s also joel1357-ga who has asked 124 questions (93 answered).

If you know a highly-curious customer who we’ve missed, please post a comment.

8 Responses to “The top Google Answers customers”

  1. pafalafaga says:

    crutchfield-ga has asked 55 questions, 30 of which have answers…not quite Top Tier, but worth a mention jsut the same.


  2. pafalafaga says:

    …and then there’s anonymous777-ga, with 76 questions asked and an astounding 74 with answers (mostly from missy!).

  3. pafalafaga says:

    …and archae0pteryx-ga, 105 total, 49 answered.

  4. bowler-ga says:

    How about bluestreak-ga who has asked about 205 questions:


  5. bowler-ga says:

    What about johnfrommelbourne-ga with 75 questions:

  6. pafalafaga says:

    bluestreak-ga! Wow…there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Hope he/she returns to the fold one of these days.

  7. bowler-ga says:

    How about lindstrom-ga with 98 questions asked?

  8. bowler-ga says:

    Or the once popular badabing-ga with 111 questions asked?