Google Answers Researcher Activity

Because it’s a slow day here and has been raining since morning, I figured I’d do a bit of counting myself. I did a quick hand count of how many of the “600+” researchers have been actively answering questions for the past 60 days.

Answer: 57

Of those, 54 were active in the last 30 days.

Of those, during the last 30 days:

1 Answered 75 questions

1 Answered 50 questions

1 Answered 44 questions

10 Answered 20-30 questions

13 Answered 10-19 questions

The rest answered fewer than 10 questions apiece.

These numbers are very much in keeping with a similar count I did about 2 years ago. I no longer have the exact numbers, but I remember the total number of active researchers being just around 60, with a small subset of those picking up a high percentage of the workload.

I leave it to commenters to decide what this all means …


3 Responses to “Google Answers Researcher Activity”

  1. pafalafaga says:

    You mean to tell me that keystroke-ga is up to 75 questions a month already!!!

  2. Knowledge_Seeker says:

    No, that honour goes to the Queen of GARs, Bobbie7, with you and Eiffel not too many steps behind. But, as a Researcher who has only recently emerged from hibernation, keystroke has certainly made a mark. It would be nice if he or she would join the rest of us in our discussion forum.


  3. eiffel says:

    You quote “600+” researchers.

    I also recall that figure from the early days of Google Answers. There was a promotional slogan something like “More than 600 carefully selected researchers are waiting to answer your question.”

    But all recent references are to 500 researchers. I guess there was attrition as some researchers resigned, moved on, or were “let go”.