Portugese speaker required!


The Portugese version of Wikipedia has a tiny stub of an article about Google Answers. Here’s a rough translation:

Google Answers is a service offered by Google which allows the users to submit any question and get an answer, by paying 2.50 dollars. An answer to a submitted question is edited by the community itself and sent to the user who asked it…

Clearly this needs some improvement, because the price is variable (from $2 to $200 plus the fifty cent listing fee), and because the paid answer is provided by a “carefully screened researcher” rather than “the community itself”.

So if you have the Portugese skills, please go ahead and edit the article. Anyone can edit Wikipedia!

(via politicalguru-ga and guillermo-ga)

One Response to “Portugese speaker required!”

  1. eiffel says:

    I’ve used Google Translate in an attempt to correct the two errors. I expect a Portugese-speaking wikizen will clean up the grammar sometime.