July Twenty First…

The Daily Perspective, from my old favorite, newspaperarchive.com, offers a nice way of looking back at This Day In History.

For July 21, here are the stories they're covering:

Moon landing is complete

Apollo 11 astronauts departed from the moon today after making history with man's first visit to the moon. As the world watched in awe, astronaut Neil Armstrong took the very first step on the moon yesterday night, declaring, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin joined him on the lunar surface, with Michael Collins staying on board the command module.

First Battle of Bull Run begins

The first major land battle in the American Civil War began today at Manassas Junction, Virginia. Despite early victories in the First Battle of Bull Run, the Union Army was forced to retreat back to Washington, D.C. “For the South, Bull Run was confirmation of the long held theory that one Southern fighting man was the equivalent of seven cowardly Northern clerks,”

First true western showdown

In what some consider the first true western showdown, Wild Bill Hickok shot Dave Tutt dead today. The duel took place in the market square of Springfield, Missouri. “What set Wild Bill apart was his ability to shoot fast and straight while being shot at. He killed Dave Tutt at 50 yards in the public square of Springfield, Mo., in 1865, apparently in a duel over his attentions to Tutt's sister,”

Bombs explode in downtown Belfast

At least nine people were killed in blasts in Northern Ireland today as downtown Belfast was hit by more than a dozen bombs. “The death of Leslie Leggatt, a news dealer, and an unidentified civilian whose body was found by soldiers near the Roman Catholic Springfield Road area early today brought to 453 the total fatalities in three years of violence in Northern Ireland,”

World's lowest temperature recorded

Today, a record low temperature was recorded in Antarctica. “The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth, 128.6 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, occurred in 1983 at Russia's Vostok Station, located about 840 miles from the Pole at a higher altitude.

USS Constitution celebrates 200 years

The USS Constitution, known as Old Ironsides, celebrated 200 years today by sailing for the first time in 116 years. Thousands watched as the oldest commissioned warship left Marblehead, Massachusetts, under its own power.

Not a bad track record for a random date in history.

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