British Pathe newsreels

Here in the UK, I fondly remember as a young boy going on my weekly trip to our local flea-pit, sorry cinema, to watch the latest film. Before the B movie – yes, in those days there were two films – there were the newsreels from British Pathe. The loud crowing of the Pathe News cockerel announced that start of the news. These newsreels had been bringing the news to cinema-goers since 1902. The commentary was always very precise and well-spoken, often with lively music, and in a style that today would be laughed at. The news covered events not only in the UK, but abroad as well. The newsreels stopped in 1970 because of the rise of television.

The archive is now available online at The archive consists of “3500 hours of filmed history amounting to over 90,000 individual items.”
To download a free view of a newsreel you need to register. A wonderful source of UK history particularly British culture during the 20th century.

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