A warning or a promise?

Digshotep and his extended family will be returning along with the school year. Around the US Labor Day holiday.

My wine shop is doing well. The stinky emperor has gone back to Rome after winning all the Olympic Games and ‘wowed’ ’em in the theaters. ( I wish I could put some kind of symbol here to indicate a smirk – but smilies have not been invented yet )

But – Since I, Phillip Digsopter, am supposed to be the one writting the rest of these histories, both past ‘and’ future, I am going to have to do something about that :) – I’ll just borrow from the ‘future’ part ;p – – more fun than hieroglyphs ;]

There will be stories from here in Greece, and from contemporary locations elsewhere. There will also be flashbacks to earlier days in Egypt, which will help explain just how we got here.

We will be sending our own merchandizing agents to Babylon, India, China, the far off Philippines, and even someplace that will someday be called “The Americas,” to explore future markets for our good Egyptian wines and learn a bit about ancient lifestyles there.

Listen to me. I’m already writting of my contemporaries as though I lived a couple of thousand years in the future. “Ancient lifestyles,” indeed!

Might make an interesting mix of viewpoints though?

If you want to catch this story from the beginning again, you can do so here: http://web-owls.com/2006/05/23/daily-life-ancient-egypt/

Or if you want to begin with Phillip Digsopter’s arrival in Athens, go here: http://web-owls.com/2006/06/19/greece-the-arrival/

Or if you want to ignore it completely, you can go here

Till then

Phillip Digsopter

One Response to “A warning or a promise?”

  1. pafalafaga says:

    Phillip my man…nice to see you (almost) back in action.

    Looking forward to whatever’s next.