Google Answers Researcher Interviews

Back in 2003, Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped ran a series of interviews with Google Answers researchers. The interviews have been approved by Google, but do not in any way represent Google’s views.


The interviews make interesting reading, and most of the researchers interviewed are still active on Google Answers.

There are interviews with clouseau-ga, digsalot-ga, easterangel-ga, journalist-ga, justaskscott-ga, knowledge_seeker-ga, larre-ga, leli-ga, missy-ga, omnivorous-ga, pafalafa-ga, pinkfreud-ga, politicalguru-ga, robertskelton-ga, scriptor-ga, sublime-ga, tehuti-ga, till-ga, tisme-ga, tlspiegel-ga and voila-ga (who writes that a book about her life would start with the sentence “Albatross, flavored dental floss, wing-ed fleeber’s dross; roll softballs in my salad”).

Incidentally, Philipp Lenssen recently had a positive experience with Yahoo Answers.

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