Talk Like A Pirate Day

GAR means Google Answers Researcher, but it’s also a good sound for a pirate to make, so once a year, on September 19, we join millions of other people around the world to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.

You can join in too! If you’re new to this, check out How To Talk Like a Pirate (including chat-up lines, and sound samples in German, Chinese and Swedish).

Google was asked to show a special logo today. Unfortunately, they couldn’t bring themselves to do so, but they did at least reply in Pirate talk.

The ever-talented pinkfreud-ga has even composed The Google Pirate Song for your reading pleasure:

We are the Google Pirates,
We sails the Seven Seas;
We codes with Seven Sea-plus-plus
To please our parities.

There’s a parity on one shoulder
And a JPEG leg we attach,
And to hide the eye the hook poked out
We wears a software patch.

We has big shiny earrings,
But they makes our earlobes rot;
We thinks perhaps they ain’t real gold
(For a buck an ear they’re not.)

We are the Google Pirates
‘Cuz that is who we are.
We are the Google Pirates. GAR. GAR. GAR.


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