Google Answers and a mystery from the past

Pafalafa-ga noticed an interesting New York Times article entitled Daughter Seeks Sins of Father: Are There Any? It's an engaging story of Mrs Coffey, a 75-year-old who has niggling doubts about a murder that occurred after her late father was arrested for graft.

Whilst attempting to track down anything related to the incident, Mrs Coffey's trail went cold. Her son Bill then turned to Google Answers:

But then, at last, a breakthrough: With the help of a $200 inquiry on Google Answers, a Web site Mr. Coffey turned to for guidance, he discovered that Mr. Sebeks death certificate was tucked away in New Yorks municipal archives. Five weeks later, in April, a copy of the certificate arrived in Mr. Coffeys mailbox.

The mystery is still not completely solved, but thanks to politicalguru-ga's answer a few more clues were uncovered.

2 Responses to “Google Answers and a mystery from the past”

  1. pafalafaga says:

    Thanks, Roger. I’d been meaning to write it up myself, but one thing led to another, and….

  2. politicalguru says:

    Thanks guys for the support! I think this story is really interesting, and I actually hope that she will publish a book about it.