RIP Google Answers

Today is a sad day for Google Answers Researchers, customers and commenters – because Google has killed the service. The last questions can be posted tomorrow, and answers/comments will be closed off at the end of December.

The 23rd Psalm of Google, from researcher cynthia-ga:

Google is my Home Page; I shall not want.
Algorithm me fresh, unique results;
He leadeth me to the deep Internet.
He restoreth my Index.
He leadeth me via Adwords to richness, for Pete’s sake.

Yay! … though I surf through the Internet so quickly,
I will fear no evil, For Froogle doth lead me;
Thy Alerts and thy News, they comfort me.
Thou places Answers before me; without evil intent;
Thou annointest my eyes with Images; My brain filleth up.

Surely information shall lie before me, all the days of my life,
and I will mouse in the House of Google, forever.



(photo by Sparky)

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