So long, and thanks for all the fiche

On this last day of Google Answers, I cannot help but be saddened by the demise of what will no doubt go down in Internet history as the greatest collective paid information service of all time.

During my stint as a Google Answers Researcher, I had the pleasure to assist many people in their quests for information as well as to learn volumes from my colleagues’ excellent research skills. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for a unique web experience that I will deeply treasure for the remainder of my days.

~journalist-ga, table 42, restaurant at the end of the Googleverse

4 Responses to “So long, and thanks for all the fiche”

  1. Dalian says:

    the greatest collective information service of all time.

    Better than wikipedia? Yeah right walwlwlalwalwlwalwalwlalwawlalwalwawla

    really? damn.

  2. Cynthia says:


    It’s only ok to mock if you quote the FACTS correctly:

    …the greatest collective paid information service…

    Wikipedia is run by unpaid volunteers. This reminds me of the folks that compare Google Answers to Yahoo Answers. How many times do we have to say it? Google Answers is a PAY service, not even comparable to Yahoo Answers or Wikipedia, so leave them both out of it. Find another compendium of information that was compiled by PAID Researchers, then compare.

    Plus we’re hurting, we just got laid off of JOBS that paid us in real US Dollars, working with people we like to associate with.

    Be Nice!


  3. barneca says:

    not sure where to put this, or if it’s welcome, but since dalian kind of already killed the warm sentiments of journalist’s post, and since this is the “opinion” section, i’ll do it here…

    i been thinkin…

    while i hate that they killed it, and imho i think it was a mistake, i can’t argue with the fact that it was theirs, and they could kill it if they wanted to. if it was truly a case of “we tried it, it didn’t work, we’re going to spend that money on something else”, i would be sad but not bitter.

    but at EVERY SINGLE TURN, starting with the day they took the link off the google “more” page (the ONLY google service i can think of offhand where that has happened), continuing thru the day they disabled the notification system, all the way to the shutdown with a fake 2 day’s notice that was really 1.5 day’s notice, they seem to have gone out of their way to kill it in the wormiest way possible.

    it would have been so incredibly EASY to shut it down while showing respect for the GA community, that even though i can’t figure out why, i have to believe the worminess was intentional. much of what i attributed to inattention or lack of priority i now attribute to malice. i may have said something like this as hyperbole in a GA thread somewhere before, but after thinking about it last night, i honestly believe that for the last year or so, google has wanted GA to fail. not LET it fail, but WANTED it to fail.

    i think if the petition gains 100,000 signatures, including god almighty himself, they will not bring it back. some business plan that i cannot hope to understand relies on there not being a GA. i sincerely hope the former GAR’s can band together and crush whatever it is they are planning that is relying on there not being a GA. i’ll be rooting for you.

    btw, i know this affected others more than me. my entertainment, your livelihood. and i don’t know why i felt the need to write this down when others have pretty much said something similar. i just want to understand why, and i can’t figure it out, and it bugs me, and venting seems to have helped a ltitle..


  4. Steph53 says:

    Well said Cab…

    Although we “peanuts” moaned and groaned a lot about GA closing, the Researchers are the ones who were most affected. Any other employer would have had to give the required lay off notice, sevrance pay, etc.

    It has irked me to no end, the way they did it. Two days notice and ZAP..all gone!!!!

    And I totally agree, Cab, I too think Google wanted GA to fail.

    Regards all,