We Thank You All


When Google Answers debuted in the spring of 2002, we, the undersigned, enjoyed the unique opportunities of participating as Google Answers Researchers.

At this time, we wish to publicly express our gratitude to Google, and especially to Andrew Finks and Lexi Baugher, the visionary team behind Larry Page’s rough idea for Google Answers. Finks and Baugher created and championed not only a premium Q&A feature for Google, they unwittingly set into motion the creation of a premium Internet community.

We wish to also publicly thank our many loyal clients without whom Google Answers would not have been successful. For nearly five years, we delighted in tackling your informational challenges, many times learning from the knowledge you requested.

While we are saddened by Google’s decision to retire the Google Answers feature, we are proud to have served such an impressive company, software team, and client base, in our capacities as information specialists.

“Learning is not attained by chance,” wrote Abigail Adams, “it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

We agree.

Knowledge_Seeker-ga: Kimberly Gerson, Ontario, Canada
Tlspiegel-ga: Toby Lee, Phoenix AZ, US
Guillermo-ga: Guillermo Arnaudo, Patagonia, Argentina
Journalist-ga: Emily Moore, Knoxville TN, US
Rainbow-ga: Linda Al-Wadi, Lebanon
Cynthia-ga: Cynthia Lystad, Seattle WA, US
Till-ga: Tillmann Stoffel-Kueppers, Juelich, Germany
Missy-ga: Maggie Brazeau, Toledo OH, US
Hedgie-ga: Petr F., Czech Republic, EU
Crabcakes-ga: Barbara (Susie) Cannon, Glendale AZ, US
Politicalguru-ga: Tamar PG
Umiat-ga: June Dufford, Utah, US
Eiffel-ga: Roger Browne, England, UK
Mother911-ga: Ralph Peragine, Long Island NY, US
Scriptor-ga: Oliver Henkel, Germany
Pafalafa-ga: David Sarokin, Washington DC, US
Answerfinder-ga: Phil George, UK
Clouseau-ga: Bob Ulius, Palo Alto CA, US
Hummer-ga: Patricia B., Québec, Canada
Nenna-ga: Jennifer Pringle, Omaha NE, US
Angy-ga: Angela Cockburn, Sydney NSW, AU
Czh-ga: Clara Horvath, California, US
Aceresearcher-ga: Jo, US and New Zealand
Mathtalk-ga: Chip Eastham, Knoxville TN, US
Nancylynn-ga: Nancy, PA, US

Mvguy-ga: Montana, US
Byrd-ga: Chris Rogers, Austin TX, US
Sublime1-ga: John Everest, Phoenix AZ, US
Tutuzdad-ga: Mike Simmons, Arkansas, US
Keystroke-ga: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US

Larre-ga: L. Rowan
Bobbie7-ga: Bobbie

8 Responses to “We Thank You All”

  1. huntsman-ga says:

    I read the sad news the other day, oh boy! I answered questions for a few months back in 2002 before moving on to other things, but it was great fun while it lasted.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Huntsman-ga, Colorado

  2. Michael Foley says:

    I can’t believe they pulled the plug. I need to have some research done, and it looks like Scriptor-ga: Oliver Henkel, Germany did some work similar to what I am looking for. Does anyone know how I can contact this person? My email address is mfoley @ pipelinbuilders. com

  3. Scriptor says:

    Hello, Mr. Foley!

    Thank you very much! I just sent you an e-mail and I’m looking forward to your response. And yes … it’s a shame how they let Google Answers die. A crying shame.

    Oliver Henkel

  4. Cecilia S. says:

    Hello to all you former GA-Researchers,

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to join a new start-up that will begin sometime this month or in February. This will be a FEE question and answer service similar to Google Answers with a great compensation plan.
    The company is called AssistMeOnline.com Corp. The wesbite is actually currently viewable at http://assistmeonline.com/kb/index.php If you follow it closely every week you will notice some changes from time to time. The site is currently being upgraded and they just chose to keep it online since the Fall for all past users to stay in touch. Although it may appear like a free service, the website will be a FEE service so this could be a wonderful opportunity for many of you. You may apply to join this Network at http://www.assistmeonline.com/kb/representative_form.html
    I have been a researcher or ‘representative’ like this company calls us, since the summer of 2005. Many people were never aware of this website when it was a ‘beta’ in 2005. There was little advertising but the site had a decent Google page rank of 4 which is the same as the one a strong competitor currently has from San Francisco. And it is not Google Answers obviously. The company is based out of New England. The founder of the company is a marvelous person to work with. Anyway, I do know for a fact that we are looking to add at least 30 researchers before the relaunch, so the sooner we gather more people the sooner the service will start. The site will not be launched until there is enough people hired to answer questions. If you want to know more you may also e-mail them at info@assistmeonline.com
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


  5. eiffel says:

    As Cecilia says, the service above is no Google Answers replacement, but it may be of interest to some. To avoid any confusion, please note that AssistMeOnline is not developed or endorsed by former Google Answers researchers.

  6. Alexander Q. says:

    To all former Google Answer Researchers, I would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite you to read what we have to offer in terms of compensation should you decide to join our network and a brief summary and overview of the company. AssistMeOnline.com Corporation is based out of New England, Maine and Rhode Island to be exact. AssistMeOnline.com was originally launched in beta in the spring of 2005. Back then it was a free service. We spent all of 2006 adding new features, improving the look of our website, doing some marketing, recruiting potential qualified candidates to help answer questions, finding advertisers, and continuing our research in our industry. We decided last fall to actually relaunch our website as a Fee based question and answer service this time around. But let me tell you, AssistMeOnline.com will go being beyond just a simple answer search engine, but will actually be improved as we move along with new added features year in and year out. We are talking video advertising, text link ads, and many other new features that have yet to be talked about in this industry. All this will eventually turn AssistMeOnline.com into a new search engine for many years to come.

    But let’s start first with this offer to all you former GA Researchers and to anyone else that may be interested as well:

    1. Experienced “Representatives” or experts, will get paid 50% commission to start. This is based on the whole amount a user is willing to pay for an answer. By experienced, we mean former GA Researchers for instance.
    2. Non-experienced “Representatives” will get a 35% commission to start. However, a small series of test questions would first have to be passed before final approval.
    3. There is a possibility of a 10% commission increase after the first 180 days with the company based on a performance evaluation. Former GA Researchers are just about guaranteed an increase to 60% profit after the first 180 days. * The 180 days start counting from the day our website gets launched, and not from when you are signed to a contract. Should you be hired after we are officially launched, then the 180 days would start counting from that day on. As of right now, AssistMeOnline.com will be relaunched March 1st or sooner.
    4. For non-experienced “Representatives” the commission may jump from 35% up to 45% based on performance as well after the first 180 days.
    5. There will also be an incentive where anyone could actually start at 5% more from the get go. For instance, all former GA Researchers could actually start at 55% and make up to 65% after the first six months. And non-experienced could start at 40% and get up to 50% after the first review.
    6. There may or may not be further increases in pay after the first year. Our goal is to just get you to a high level of pay as quick as possible, unlike other present competitors who start most at 25% and the pay scale stays there for a while.
    7. Minimum start price to a question will be $3. No more $2 questions. And the maximum will be $250.
    8. There will be a 7 day money back guarantee, not 30 days. We feel one week is sufficient time for anyone serious to verify the information received and be content. This will cut the potential of some users to try to claim a full refund on the 30th day after having already paid. This is only meant for the bad apples. We do know that most users will be sincere.
    9. Tips will be allowed with “Representatives” receiving 75%.
    10. In case of a refund “Representative” will keep 25% of amount originally paid for an answer.
    11. Pay will be via Company checks. They will be mailed out twice a month, on the 1st and 16th, every fifteen days. No more wating 30 days to get paid and there is no minimum to first get paid. So if you only made $15, you will receive a check for $15.
    12. “Representatives” located outside the US and Canada will have a choice to either get sent a company check or have their funds deposited via Pay Pal. Payments would still be sent out on the 1st and 16th, even electronically via Pay Pal.
    13. In the event you do not wish to get a company check in the mail, you may also choose Pay Pal as an option.
    14. There is no non-compete agreement to sign. But there will be a Company Confidentiality Agreement to abide by.

    Please apply by clicking on the following link, http://www.assistmeonline.com/kb/representative_form.html

    If you have questions please contact us at info@assistmeonline.com

    Thank you all for your time and attention. I look forward to your replies.

    Alexander Quiroz
    Founder/President of AssistMeOnline.com Corp.

  7. Sandra Jump says:

    I would like to email Tutuzdad-ga: Mike Simmons, Arkansas, US, please tell me how I can send this person a message. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Sandra Jump

  8. Nan Kane says:

    I’m late to this webinfo, but very impressed in the research supplied by easterangel-ga concerning our industry. My company would like to employ a researcher such as easterangel-ga. How can I reach him directly or any ot the ga researchers who might be looking for free-lance or part-time work?
    Nan Kane