One Link Answer – Former Google Answers Researcher Offers Free Answers Service

At the end of 2006, Google retired its Google Answers feature, yet some of its more prolific researchers are continuing to make information easy to locate on the Internet.

One such researcher is Henry Marcos. Known to Google Answers clients as “easterangel-ga” Marcos continues to be known as Easterangel at One Link Answer, a website where he has launched a free Internet research service.

One Link Answer offers a unique spin on Internet research. While free answer sites have proliferated on the internet (EX: Yahoo Answers and Amazon’s Askville), One Link Answer has a slightly different angle as a free service; Marcos provides solid research in the form of a single link.

“I’m offering a professional, free service at One Link Answer based on the best, single source possible on the Internet.” said Marcos. “Too many answer sites may boast that they are free, but the quality of their researchers’ responses are not up to par with solid research.”

Marcos added that he believes there is room for professionalism even in a free service, and that utilizing the skills of a professional researcher is the best choice.

“The Internet is still a difficult place to navigate because of its complexity,” he said, “and the ever-growing number of spam directories will distort search results for most people.”

During his four years of service to Google Answers, Marcos answered more than 1,300 questions on a range of topics including business, history, health, and entertainment.

“I just love the thrill of hunting for information,” Marcos said, “and this is the reason I created One Link Answer.”

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