The President’s 17,000 Year Mistake

As long as we’re highlighting the erudite Mr. Probonopublico, I thought I’d make mention of his witty retelling of a slight mishap at the Washington DC Millennium celebration that I attended:

Air Force One (formely Pafalafa-ga) – our Man in Washington – has previously warned about Time Differences.

As you will recall, Dave (that’s a great title for a movie about a Prez) told us that, in 1999, he spent the New Year’s Eve in The White House trying to teach the Prez how to tell the time so that they could celebrate the New Millennium …

Anyway, the Prez had a kind of cheap-looking lighted panel that counted down the time remaining in smallish numbers, and in large numbers it

The Prez and I counted off the last ten seconds, and when the magic moment came, some software program added one to the ‘1999’, so that the display now read……19991

So, the clock was only off by some 17,000 years or so. But, of course, the Prez never noticed.

Hope that this helps.

Hard to believe that was 7 years ago…er, make than 17,007 years ago…already.


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