What’s that book?


Are you trying to identify a book?

Perhaps it’s an almost-forgotten book from your childhood, which you enjoyed greatly but about which you remember only the vaguest details. Perhaps it’s a book you browsed in a bookshop and intended to buy later, but you can’t remember the crucial details. Perhaps it’s a book you glimpsed somewhere, or that someone recommended to you, and you thought you’d like to check it out some time.

A service at whatsthatbook.com aims to identify your book for you. The service is free, funded by advertising and bookstore affiliate links. It’s run by former Google Answers researcher juggler-ga, who answered over 2000 questions for the now-defunct service, including many questions about books.

At whatsthatbook.com, anyone can browse existing questions and answers, but you need to register if you want to ask a question or post a comment on someone else’s question.

Meanwhile, work is continuing apace by other former GARs on a paid question-and-answer style research service. Stay tuned!

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