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Google Answers Retrospective

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

It’s always fun to look back, and there are some truly amazing questions and answers at the now-closed Google Answers service (like How many Giraffes live in Canada).

Andy Czernek, who was omnivorous-ga at GA, has put together 365 Days of Google Answers, a daily calendar where he draws attention to an interesting question for every day of the year.

You can read the whole year at once, or savour a question every day. There are also some search tips and other useful snippets. in beta test

Friday, March 2nd, 2007


A group of former GA Researchers have gathered together at to offer a paid answers service of their own, and it’s now open for a public beta test.

This is a beta test in the original meaning of the term – opening the site to flush out problems prior to the official launch – but if you’re a patient and understanding type of person you may find the site worthwhile and enjoyable.

The first question has already been asked – it was a request for the inimitable pinkfreud to compose a celebratory poem – and what a wonderful piece of doggerel she has concocted!