A thousand questions

At Uclue we have just passed a major milestone – our first thousand questions. Actually, we now stand at 1017 questions including 911 funded questions, of which 640 have been answered.


It’s a big milestone for us, and it’s been a fascinating journey. Along the way we’ve discovered what kind of person you can hire to sort through your bills and get your finances in order, how to size I-beams for an overhead traveling crane, what to give to an architect who has everything, whether the middle name of Wayne is associated with criminality, the source of a painting from a distant memory, how much chocolate a young lady could buy for five shillings in 1925, how to calculate the foci of an eillipse, which are the worst organizational charts in the world, how to make a human hamster ball and a thousand and one other fascinating facts.

Researcher davidsarokin coined the term kiloclue to describe what is discovered in the process of answering a thousand questions. May Uclue generate many more kiloclues in the years to come!

2 Responses to “A thousand questions”

  1. David says:

    I’m looking forward to Uclue’s first megaclue!


  2. Rob says:

    Or perhaps a “Googol-Clue”