WoTY W00t!

I’m going to try something bold, and see if I can post an image here…somehow, it never seems to go as smoothly as I hope it will.

W00t! (not Woot) — a word I first came across in online groups just like this one — is officially the Merriam Webster Word of the Year (WoTY) for 2007.

So, for no particular reason, I decided to plot it’s dramatic emergence…hence, my image:

The Rise and Fall and Rise of W00t!

W00t!  I think it worked! 

But…what the heck was going on in 2000!!!!  Oodles of W00ts! at Millennium celebrations?  W00tsclamations about Y2K?

Your speculations are actively encouraged. 

Addendum:  And here’s my new favorite Adsense ad:

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