ResearchWikis for free market research

If I had to pick a topic that I thought was unsuited to wikis, market research would be that topic. Sources are closely guarded, figures are usually unverifiable and sometimes unsubstantiated, and the entire market research industry is built on some rather flimsy assumptions. No, a market research wiki could never work.


That hasn’t stopped ResearchWikis from making a good go of it. I checked a few of their pages, such as Aluminum Market Research, and found usable though fairly basic information covering market background, market structure, industry definitions, market metrics, industry players, trends, recent developments, and some sources. This would make a good first port of call; an overview and familiarization pass before settling down to some serious market research work.

The initial market research looks like it has been seeded by ResearchBuy, who are more than happy to sell you a more advanced report or to provide you with custom research.

The site is being actively maintained, but just by one user named John. It will be interesting to see how ResearchWikis holds up once people start editing the site in earnest.

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