I just noticed something…

Web Owls has a Google PageRank of 5.0! That’s pretty impressive…

A little too impressive, perhaps. Are others seeing the same thing?


3 Responses to “I just noticed something…”

  1. Sally says:

    That is what I see on the home page.

  2. eiffel says:

    Google announced a few years ago that “Toolbar PageRank” was no longer calculated the same way as “Search Results PageRank”. Sometimes it feels like “Toolbar PageRank” is for amusement purposes only.

    At the same time as Web Owls got a rank of 5, the rank of Uclue dropped from 5 to zero – but the amount of traffic sent from Google didn’t change noticeably, so I’m not going to panic.

  3. pafalafaga says:

    Well, dang it. If they’re pretty much going to be assigning random numbers as pagerank, couldn’t they at least give us a 9 or 10!!!