I was a researcher at Google Answers Researcher from June 2002 until the service ended in December 2006. My username was bobbie7-ga and I’ve answered over 3,560 questions. You can see my ratings and review samples of my work “here“.  I am currently doing research at Uclue and am contributing articles to
Google Knol and Quezi.

Here are some of my Google Answers.

Top 5 US towns with 30% Spanish speakers, a college and high unemployment

Number of blogs in the EU

Manufacturing costs of cars

Daily (or Weekly or Monthly) World-wide Crude Oil Production

What is the approximate total percentage of electrical power generated by gas turbines in all U.S. power plants?

Alternative energy sources

Internet Usage by time of day in the  U.S.

Technology for Rubbish Power Plant or Rubbish to Electricity in the U.S.?

How long can food be in a refrigerator or freezer with the electricity off before it will spoil?

Market Research   

Worldwide Personal Computer Market Unit Size

Cost of asthma medications

Amount spent on self-help

Insect Repellent Sales

Online Purchasing 

Advertising Spend and Commerce Spend

Digital television market penetration

Leisure and sports market size

Server sales

Respiratory drug sales figures

Projected growth rates of e-textbook/e-book industry


Microsoft File Explorer – Developers Tool Kit


What Percentage of Computer Users Backup Their Data


World’s Digital Storage Usage


A Brief History of Email


Micro-Businesses… in the United States Micro-business Statistics


Advertising and Marketing

American advertising in the media

Brand propositions (slogans)

Brand communities

Marketing Contacts

Size of Market for Motor Scooters

Podiatry (Skincare) Online Market

Online Advertising

Market Research

Podcast Marketing

Search advertising market

In-store floor graphics

Market for consumer health publications

Top Sports Sites

Market segmentation for stock video footage


Public relations for baby products

American Express

How are TV/radio stations reaching out to “media makers”?

All Vocations In the World

TV shopping stats in the USA

Tangible examples of changes in Gen Y vs. Gen X taste

Automobile sales in the US

Teenager business success stories

Mexican beer sponsors needed for unique product in …

Sensory Branding

Doctor Behavior Online

Demographics of country & western music lovers/fans

Online gambling

U.S. shopping mall operators

Markets for I.S.P

Oral Care Products – Celebrity Endorsers

Internet dating in the UK

Consumer Digital Photography

Apple iPod Wholesales

Canadian Consumers Purchasing Habits

Where do people/homeowners spend their money in relation to where they live?

Where are premium quality non-stretch nylon stockings available?

Medical Publishing Companies (esp. Dental)

Online job seekers survey results? 


More answers:  Health Market ,  Miscellaneous and  Others


Links to some of my research on Quezi



Links to some of my Google Knols


English Knols

The U.S. Motorcycle Market

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Sales, Shipments and Revenues

Saving Money on Prescription Medications

Facebook in Chile – Demographics and Users

Knols about Dogs

List and Dates of Jewish Holidays

Murphy Beds in the Movies 



Spanish Knols

Juzgados de Familia en Chile

Cambio de Nombre en Chile

Posesión Efectiva de la Herencia en Chile

Los Mandamientos del Abogado

Regulación del Mercado de valores en Chile


I also do freelance Research Projects for private clients.  If you need an experienced researcher, please leave a message below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Brudenell says:

    Hello Bobbie7

    Great to see you and 7 other Researchers here. I hope more of the GA crew come over to Web Owls. How can someone hire you & your former compatriots to get some private research?


  2. Bobbie7 says:

    Just leave a message for me here and I will get in touch with you.


  3. prpro says:

    Same here, bobbie7! I never know what questions I may have and when, but knowing yer available would be great!

  4. Bobbie7 says:

    How nice to hear from you Prpro!

    Just email me if you need my services and I will be happy to work with you again.


  5. Michael Jones says:

    Please email me about a research project.

  6. Martin Lindstrom says:

    Keep up the good spirit. Bobbie – you’ll always be my researcher!

  7. Bobbie7 says:

    Thank you Martin!

    I enjoy researching your questions.

  8. Tyrus says:


    Have you looked at “Equipment for viewing security cameras online” subsequently and is Flexwatch still one of the state of the art companies offering interface?

    Keep up the amazing work.

  9. bobbie7 says:

    Thank you!

  10. Sergei Grishenkov says:


    I read your article on capsule hotel manufacturers and have tried contacting the company you gave but seem to have no reply. I was wondering, since that article is almost a year old maybe you could update or publish new info on capsule hotel manufacturers. Any help will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

  11. Bobbie7 says:


    Thanks for asking about my capsule hotel manufacturers answer on Google Answers.

    Unfortunatley, Google Answers has been retired and is no longer accepting new questions or updates on the answers.

    The good news is that former Google Answers researchers have formed a new service called uclue.

  12. Bobbie7 says:

    Here is the link to Uclue

  13. Steve says:

    Hello Bobbie, I have a very important question for you for research project. I need top find out how many Brand name winter hats were sold on the internet. If thats not possible to find I need to find out how many brand name winter hats were sold in canada and the US. I need these stats in $ and units. Ive found alot of information on that industry but nothing to the range of actual winter hats. If you could help me find this information or tell me where i can look to find it that would be great!!

    Thanks, Steve,

  14. Bobbie7 says:

    Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately I have not been able to locate the data you require.
    I would suggest that you post this question on Uclue. ( )

    Best regards,

  15. BULLANATOR says:

    medium bills for water (chicago) when you find it email me at or

  16. lloyd says:


    We’ve discovered some very important information about needle defects, and noticed you had conducted good research on healthcare professionals that contracted HIV due to the defects. I would like to do a search. Please contact me timely.


  17. Alex says:

    Hi Bobbie7,

    I’m desperately looking for the Hotels.xls that you mentionned in one of your google answers @
    Is it still possible to get my hands on it ?

    Many thanks

  18. Neva says:

    I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction?
    I would like to get 1000 towels with our team name and all the players names on it ?
    I would like to purchase 1000 towels (50 per team) and have our team name maybe a logo (if it’s cost effective) on them.
    I’m trying to find a place I can purchase and have them printed at the same time, or if it is more cost effective purchase the towels one place & send them to another for the printing

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated


  19. Juan says:


    I am looking to hire you for some freelance work as a researcher.

    How do I contact you ?

  20. Jorge says:

    Hello Bobby7,

    Your research on the number of hospitals in Latin America was very helpful, thank you. In the coming months we will need some research on the health-care field in Latin America and possibly a few countries elsewhere. I would appreciate your getting back to me soon to talk about it.

    Best regards,

    Jorge Aranovich

  21. eiffel says:

    Jorge, questions for bobbie7 can be posted at Uclue.

  22. Scott Bywater says:

    Hi Bobby,

    I am a direct response copywriter and found you on google answers. I often need proof to back up claims, etc.
    and it can be quite time consuming. Would love to work with you on an ongoing basis if you’re still doing this
    sort of thing.


    Scott Bywater

  23. Philip Zelinger says:

    Hi Bobbie,

    I have a friend who has asked me how many auto dealers are presently operating in the United States — New and Used possibly broken down by franchise and private used car lots with as much contact information as would be reasonably available. Can you provide a current list given the recent consolidation in the market and with the assumption that you can — how “little” would you have to charge and when could it be completed?

  24. Cathy says:

    Dear Bobbie7,

    I have been attempting to compile data on trade publications within the holistic / natural health industry. Another common term used is integrative medicine. I would like to be able to simply download the info into Excel. Also, I am looking for a database of holistic / natural health practitioners in the United States (and would like to simply download the info into Excel). It looks as if there is no such thing as a trade publication, though there are several consumer publications available (but I have found none that strictly targets the holistic health care professional), and I suspect there is no such thing as a database of practitioners either. Then again, research is not my strong point. Can you help?


  25. bobbie7 says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I would suggest that you post this question on uclue.

  26. bobbie7 says:

    Here is the link.

  27. Dick Robbins says:

    Robby 7 – I am trying to get an update on an article you did for Google Answers a few years ago on sinusitus remedies – sales, growth, channels, etc. Do you still do this kind of work? Let me know. Dick Robbins

  28. Bobbie says:

    Please post questions at Uclue.

  29. david says:

    Hi, great work! I may have a couple of projects that could use your expertise. Could you email me? Thanks

  30. marc says:

    I have some research needs that might suit you can you contact me please. thx

  31. Troy says:

    Hi Bobbie,

    Do you think you update this answer?

    How large is the US self-improvement market and breakdown?

    Please let me know where best to get your help. Happy to pay the 10 bucks.


  32. Bobbie says:

    Hi Troy,
    Former Google Answers Researchers are answering questions on uclue.
    I would suggest that you post this question there.
    Here is the link.
    Best regards,

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