I’m a GA researcher from California about a par 5 away from the Googleplex that was very active early on and have kept my hand in even though a career has left me with less time to contribute than I would prefer. I do take on private clients and have set a small side business for just this purpose. Learn more about me or request a research project at

I look forward to the next incarnation of working alongside this great group of researchers and friends.

Bob Ulius

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  1. robyn says:

    Hi! I was just wandering through my computer today, located something called Adobe LM Service, went about researching it and found your GA response along the way. I wanted to let you know that your response to that person’s question was great, and very very helpful.

    As was, as it turns out, another of your answers – your last one. It’s how I found this site and while I haven’t looked around much yet, I have a funny feeling I will be here often, checking for updates and such. I have a passion for research (and it’s nice to be able to confess such a secret to someone who likely doesn’t find it odd) and loved reading GA because of how thorough the answers were and the various research methods used (and sites! Oh-em-gee – the number of useful links cannot be forgotten!)

    So I suppose that’s it. Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do as well as you do it (doesn’t it seem like people just aren’t thanked enough these days?). :)

  2. Bob Ulius says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts. Its a little over a year now since GA closed the doors and hard to imagine how much the time I spent at GA is missed. Hard to explain to someone that didn’t live through those 4 years. And so nice to continue to be appreciated.

    A group of us have reformed a bit at Still building, but continuing on and past the milestone of our first 1,000 answers. Do come by and have a look.



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