Hi! – My username at Google Answers is Cynthia-ga. I’ve answered over 400 questions since June of 2002. You can see my ratings and samples of my work here.

I live in Seattle, Washington. I will research anything asked of me, I enjoy the thrill of the chase–finding people, real property, products; I locate hard-to-find information online or offline. I will research and write a report on any topic. If your topic is of special interest to me, I go way above and beyond.

In my brick ‘n mortar life I’m called the Get ‘R Done girl: a freelance business consultant/administrator. People get referred to me when their formerly profitable business is a mess, disorganized, and struggling. I change things, develop structure and new systems, get things on track.

If my skills interest you please contact me at cyncyn at gmail dot com so we can discuss your needs.

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