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“19th century neuroscience jounal”


“Dining out in Sydney”

“dray time”? – pafalafa-ga could you please get …

“Finding a chemical product”

“Finding Requests for Proposals ( Healthcare …

“First Order Process”

“For pafalafa-ga”

“gravitational accelaration of uranus and saturn”

“High temperature waterborne silicone coatings”

“Insider trading”


“Professional Fighter’s Information”

“Radiation Therapy”

“Robert Francis Wetherby”

“Rubber machinery”

“Self-help” eviction by landlord in Michigan …

“Spending Habits while on weekend vacations”

“the uses of sun power in cooking”

“Venous reflux: cause of specific findings in …

“Water testing”

“What Is A Workout?” who wrote it? when/where was …

“wheels of commerce”

“Worth of 250 shares from Old Dominion Oil and …

“You never get a second chance to make a first …

# of houses within 2 miles

# of managers in the US

#1 – Real Example Needed: Great Initial Gorwth and …


#’s of golfers in usa

% of English-speaking people worldwide, by country

(Methylaminone)anthraquinone inhalation following …

(pafalafa) Trophy Real Estate

12th Judicial subcircuit in Illinois

16 year old moving to Europe to study.

18th century newspaper ‘cartoon’ featuring …

1936 Berlin Olympic Games

1952/3 Daytona 200 motorcycle rider!

19th century scientific achivements in American

2000 Chevy Express brakes

2002 Census for House Holds, and income above …

2003 Biotech investment conferences

20C Music History, Vocalists

30 year fixed mortgages—Statistics on actual …

4.9 GHz Broadband Technoloyg for Public Safety …

5 stars guaranteed to any answerer *****5*****5 …

50 most searched keywords on the net

50+ Retirement Communities in NJ

a complete list of cameras and manufacturers

A list of extremely fast moving things (between …

A list of top 500 publicly listed companies in the …

A photo printer that’s economical to operate and …

A picture of Neo, trinity, and morpheus in the …

a web directory

About how many land islands are there in the world?

about street addresses

Academic frameworks to describe sports clubs as an …

Accessible food labelling – international

ACLU Board of Directors

Acoustical Engineering Consultants in the Gulf States

Acquisitions of companies by Autodesk since 1996

Actor “Roland E. Harrah III” How Did He Die ??

Actual ice CUBE trays, cubical in shape and large

address Burger king and Mcdonald locations in NYC …

Address search

Addresses in Phoenix, AZ.

Addresses/phone numbers- Public Info?

Adhesive Manufacturer List

Adidas three stripe trademark and variations of …

Administrative Law: Bylaws, Declarations, Articles …

Adobe Acrobat Reader

adress for crew member of Norwegian Sky cruise liner

advancing my career

Adverse events associated with medicines


Advice websites

Aesthetician income potential

Agencies’ comments on Federal Enterprise Architecture


Aggregating new information via Push technology

AIDS deaths in USA

Air blower capacity ??

Air Canada website


Airline Activity Data


Al Capone’s Pallbearers

Al Capones Sons names

alexa toolbar

alimony/child support in maryland

All Universities/Colleges starting in late winter …

All-in-one website, of sorts, to search homes …

Almond quality

Alphabetic Distribution of Lastnames into 8 even …

aluminum ingot or billets

Amazon directors

American politics or American civics

Ammonium Persulfate Shelf Life

Amos S. Edelman’s: (i) middle name, and (ii) high …

Amount of books in the USA and in the world?

An article titled “The Convergence of Science and …

An online DB of poetry?

Angel Investors — Medical/Biotechnology …

Animal Breed Standards

Annual number of College Grads


Antarctic air crash

anthropological approach to ceramics

Antitrust Grand Jury Investigations


Apple Vacations in San Jose, CA

Architecture – map of city and its streets

Arctic ocean drift, any interest for science today?

area (sq. mi.) of each town in New England

Arimand Banu: Snake dancer

Arizona water supply

Armour Piercing bullets

Arrest and conviction record.

Art Museum Trustees

Articles on Neville Goddard

Association/Society Policy Manuals


Asteroid Detection

Atlantic City or Cape May, NJ weather in May 1901


Attorney’s who work on a contingency basis for …

Auditing software that can find fruads

Auot Parts Distributors

Australian Company Information

author bios from op-ed pages

auto parts distribution

Auto Parts Distribution

Automotive Information

Available DBA (doing business as) online public …

Avalanche in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada …

Average clotting factor consumption in the U.S.

Average income in America

Average total annual salary raises in healthcare

Average U.S. rent/mortgage payment. / /

B2B sale – 1994 – sale proce sought

Baby Names


Background Check

Background check on CEO

Bank account in a Swiss bank


Banking Mergers/Acquisitions



battery manufacturers in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Beat the rush

Beatles Copyright Images

beluga caviar exporter from bulgaria

Bertrand Russell quotation

Best way to do lots of searches for lien-free real …


Betting Software

Bibliographic mentions of family names.

biggest polymer structure

Billboard Magazine on Microfiche to Purchase.

Biog. details on Prof. Gilbert Stead

Biographical Research — English Tudor Personnage

biography of italo frederick volini

Biotechnology firms data

Birnbaum’s Directory of Garment Factories and Agents …

Blog copyrights

Board Listings

Boat makes and models

Bond papers

Bond Prices for Retail Investors

Book Summaries and Copyright Law

Book title

Book with character named “Callina” ?

Books dealing with mutual fund market timing as a …

Books on Demonology

Bookstore openings, closings, operating in the U.S.

Bottle manufacturer

Brain Damage similiar to Stroke on an MRI Scan

Brands of dishwashers made in Mexico

Breakdown of GNP and GDP

Breakdown of research areas/topics

British food industry

Broadcast date for the movie “Rollerball”

Budd Dwyer Jury

Budget in Nigeria

Buisness franchise in USA

Bullet manufactuer and bullet name

Bunker Hill Dirt

Bush/Paige and/or White House Quote

Business and labor statistics

Business Bank Account

Business Statistics

Business, Statoil Norway and Ireland minutes of …

Businesses by revenue size in US

Buy a databse

By-laws and articles of incorporation of Nonprofit …

Ca statistics

Cable Company Coverage Areas

Cable tv provider in Texas

Cafe Name


campaign finance

Can glue be turned on and off?

Can non-resident open a bank account?

Canadian Copyright Law applied to patterned fabric.

Canadian original Hi-tech in industrial domains

Canadian unemployment rate

Canceling News Alerts

Cancerous emissions

candidates who ran for senator from corinth, Missippi

Captain Nemo’s religion?

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) Imports into USA

Career Assessment/Survey

Career Development Loans in the U.S.

Carlos Santana in Australia

Carpetbag Mayoral Candidates – Is it possible today?

Case for Micron Technology

case law

Cases of government liability in shark attacks

casinos in indiana

Cassius Clay

Cause of eye cancer

celebrities and golf

Celebrities who resemble Dean Martin

CEO’s of companies with $50million in revenue and up


Certified Payroll

changing career at 47–healthcare?

Changing Registered Agent for a California Corpotation

checking stock certificate to see if still in business

Chemical Content in Pineapples, Apples, Oranges …

Cherry Ames/copyright

chess sets

Chicago-area job cuts

chief technology officers


chinese calender 2006/2007

Chloroform and Death

Christian Blogs

Christian Educators in Central Ohio

christians are hypocrites

citations for researcher pafalafa-ga

Cities and States trivia

Cities within 60 mile radius of Nashville

City and Town names

City County State list

City Tax on non-residents


Class Action Lawsuit against BellSouth (1994)

Classification of American Cities, Sociology Urban …

classification system for types of adult content

Classified web site

Classifieds sites in Australia

Client Profitability Analysis

Climate Change and Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Value

Climatic Data at Imperial, California

Clinical Trials in the US

Closed Oil Wells

CMT: who can use these intials?

Coastal Cities

cobra conversion

Codification of Executive Order sanctions against …

Coffee lids and Patent protection(s)

collagen injections to treat snoring

College History


Comic Strips of 1925-1935

Commercial Construction and Transportation Industries

commercial impracticability/impossibility doctrines

Commercial item description lookup / cross reference

commercial music rights

Companies at Address

Companies in IL

Companies in the USA

Company background research (just thru google)

Company Bio: Exergen Corporation

company executives or management personnel


Company Information

Company Location

Company Ownership – Excel Paving Company

Company records for company in Windsor, California USA

Company References and backgound

Comparable products to Meridian World Data’s …

Compare/contrast results of searching different …

Compile a list of 25/30 license agreements from …

Complete list of credit unions in the US

Complete List Of Rock And Roll Hits From The Top 100

Complete Listing of all United States Colleges and …

Comprehensive List Of Styles Of Art

Compulsory financial reporting in US?

Computer consultant fees

computer crime in 2004

Computer Engineering

Computer Forensics colleges…

Computer JOb Search firms in Brussels ,Belgium

Computer network

Computer Virus Question

Concepts related to the word Vista

Conferences in Northern Ireland in february 2004

Connecting a car battery to a Cig. lighter to …

Conservation Biology

Consolidation of parcels from the United States to …

consultant group in aluminium industry in the US

consumer rights/law

Contact info for key people in corporations

contacting dental benefit managers

Content on Public Websites

converting graph

Converting sound into zeroes and ones

COO and/or President role

Copies of Famous Statues

coporate headquarters

Copy of Carol Channing Singing “Hello Lyndon” at …

Copyright and licensing of architectural designs

Copyright check

copyright issues when including manufacturer logos …

Copyright Law

Copyright Law: is “StarForge” taken?

Copyright on quotations

Copyright question

Copyright restrictions for the creation of “stock …

Copyright/Licensing information for US Postage …

copyrighted materials

Copyrighted/Trademarked Material on T-Shirts

Copyrighting a compilation of public domain material.

Copyrights and Confidentiality of public published …

Copywrite pending verification

Corperate Income

Corporate history

corporate regulation

Corporate Trademark – Financial Industry

correlation between dermatitis and occupations

Correlation of marine labeling standards for …

Cosmetic Press Coverage

Cost of an Action International Coaching Franchise

Cost of Social Security

Cost of surgery in Canada

Countries and communities at war

countries not members of International Civil …

Countries where viagra patent is not registered

Country and Region List

County and city maps

Court cases relating to Pre-Nuptial Agreement …

credit card holygram

Credit Card Usage in Latin America

Credit Card Usage Statistics

credit/trade history/background information on …

Crop yields

ct rental law security deposit

Cultivation of Rambutan in Belize for Export the …

Cultural left’s argument over US participation in …

Cure for Brucella in humans

Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore

Curriculum Vitae on Professor in Dental School …

Data on the company Vista PCS LLC

Data Security Breaches

Database of Corporate Quarterly Earnings Announcements

Database of GMT offset and DST for most big cities

Database of locations / cities/ destinations

Database of world cities + GPS coordinates + …

database on the internet

date ideas in DC–this Saturday

Daylight Savings Time in Lewiston, Idaho, 1950?

Death a consequence of evolution, or evolution a …

Deaths due to religion

Defamation Case – How do I make a case?

Definition of emotion

Definition of the term “Alternative” according to …

Demographics of similar cities

Demographics of Workers and College Students

Dental research protocol

Department of Energy facilities

Department of Motor Vehicle Records – New York State

Department of Motor Vehicles Stats

Details in uk

details of negligence lawsuit against evenflo

details wanted on SwissCash / Swiss Mutual Fund 1948

Diamond Price Trend

Dick Cheney “charitable trust”

Did Richard Nixon say, “The American people are …

Digital camera (taking pics)


Diplomatic relationship with Iraq

Direct Carbon Fuel Cells

Directions via specified road.

Directory search of Educational Game Companies …

Disability Insurance

Diseases requiring daily injections


dissertation help

Do you guys have a definitive list of ALL Bay Area …

Doctors in world

Documented basis for a current law as written (WA …

Does a LLC need employees?

Does F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) pass blood …

Does the Government Verify Education Background …

does the use of standards in software design lead …

Dog discussion websites in the UK


Domain name – Any legal issues?

domain owner

Domains Owned Search

Downloadable list of cities worldwide


Dr. Masaru Emoto water experiments

Drucker Quote

Drug conspiracy law prisoner numbers

Drug Patents

Due diligence question on North Dallas Vending …

Dummies Series of Books –

Earliest mention of the term E Commerce ?

Early Online Frequent Shopper Programs

Earth Heat

earth science

Easement holders parking multiple vehicles on a …

Easy to use program for creating website logos …

E-Auction Strategy


E-Commerce growth and forecast growth

Economic change in Ukraine

Economic growth in russia during the 1700s

Economic history: number of jobs in gthe US in the …

Economic meltdown

Economist presidential endorsements

EEE manufacturing in the UK

effect of casodex on PSA level in prostate cancer …

Effective cures for Brucella in humans

EIN lookup and additional information – Employer …

Electronic device with interface and roller-style …


Elevation above sea level

E-mail addresses of professionals

Email adress of J.C.C in North America

email list

e-mail list

email marketing

Email message legally binding

Email Spam Laws in the US and Europe

Emergency Research Question

emil lists

Empllyment increases per state

Employees coming to NYC for meeting from Europe.


energy efficiency programs in states

energy service utlity contractor list

Energy use in starbucks

Enforceability of a contract that’s harmful to the …


English language use in Asian countries

English language word list ordered by frequency of …

enlarging a schematic drawing to change its scale.

Entrepreneurial Cash Grants

Environmental grant support for Fiji

environmental issues

Environmental Law

Environmental Waste Question – For pafalafa-ga

Equal opportunities reporting in the US

Estimate of revenue lost to the federal government …

Estimated Value of All World Capital Markets

Estimating densities of marine mammals.

Ethernet Cabling Specifications

Etymology “Emotionally Unavailable”

europe business directories site october 16/10/ 2004

European airlines

european online casino directories

European petrochemical industries


Exact, authoritative definition of “science”?

Examples of SMS (text) to Email applications pre-2002

Excel formula

Executive Compensation at Underwriters Laboratories

executive compensation in a closely held private …

Existence of a not for profit organization

Existential angst

Explain the unit kNm3/day. What is the …

Explanation of the legal terms: H1B visa

Express powers granted under the Federal National …

extradiction from hungary to russia

ExxonMobil Mobil 1 Sales

Eye Doctors in New York city.

Face of a 14-year-old girl

Fact about the average American

Fair and accurate pricing of Standards-Based …

Fairy Tale, Nursery Rhyme and Children’s Fables …

Fall of the Roman Empire.

family home


famous quotations, new york city

Farenheit 9-11: Reaction of Mr. Jack Valenti

Fashion/Decorating “Style” Categories

Father’s name of well known World War II pilot

FDA Filings (NDA or IND)

FDA prohibited herbs

federal budget

Federal Government Grant Budget

Federal Trade School Classifications and Legislation

Federal Trade School Classifications and Legislation

FedEx/UPS/USPS Lost Packages

fela kuti

Fertility/Infertility rates

Fictitious Who’s Who entry news article

Filing a Mining Claim

Films undermining the legitimacy of terrorism

Financial Advisors in St. Lawrence County

Financial and competitor data on privately-held …

Financial Assistance for lead / asbestos removal

financial condition of this company

Financial Hot Topics — Government Regulators

Financial Innovation in the Caribbean

Financial management of the Department of …

Financial Reports for South Africa

Find a company / website

Find a specialist who could test a defective massager

Find A Superceded Product; for pafalfa-ga only

find another email address for Personal Creations

Find Books That May Compete With My Upcoming New Book

find existing e-mail adresses

Find fine chemical and pharmaceutical intermediate …

Find Phone Numbers using the Address

Finding “ordinary” photos of countryside

finding a bank that no longer exists apparently.

Finding a photo or protrait of Alexander Henry Rhind

Finding a research topic.

Finding a shoe wholesaler

Finding a Website

Finding an Attorney, Washington, D.C. area

Finding bonds by issuer name

Finding former employees of certain companies

Finding Government funds for saving energy

Finding info about an artist

Finding information on a deceased person

Finding lost friends

Finding on net legit bus-opps, and books on how to …

Finding published names in the companies and the …

Finding similiar companies using a url

Finding Which Books That May Compete With One I Am …

First Documented Case of Suicide

First Editions Library

Fiscal Situation

Fishing Trawler Lost At sea

Fitness Clubs in the US

Flames in zero gravity…

Flesch-Kincaid, Dale-Challe, or Spache readability …

fMRI studies on depression and suicidality

Fodor of Chomsky

Folder Replication – Between a PC and a Server

Follow the moon/sun – what does it mean?

Food needed to prepare for potential avian flu …

For Pafalafa only

For pafalafa-ga

For Pafalafa-ga

For Pafalafa-ga

For pafalafa-ga

For pafalafa-ga in return for helping find Zborov.

For Pafalafa-ga Only

for pafalafa-ga only

For Pafalafa-ga ONLY – Accenture lawsuits

for pafalafa-ga only – newspapers

For Pafalafa-ga: Please Collect a Tip

For Profit Major Illness Companies

Forces for Good

Ford Annual Reports


Foreclosed properties.

Foreclosure Data for resale (Question mainly to …

Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City …

Foreign Investment Restriction in China

Forensic Accounted Needed with Hedge Fund Knowledge

For-profit versus non profit education enrollment …

Franchise and Business Opportunity Showcase Websites

Franchise Websites

fraud charges brought against Autozone Inc

Fraudulent sell at yahoo.

Free content for website.

Free food database

Free photos – for Pafalafa only

free site traffic info

free trade explanation for middle schooler

Freedom of Information Act and NSF project data

Freshwater that contains Arsenic

Full access to Jstor and Project Muse

full company information

Full Dissertations needed

Funny difference of sayings/words between US and …

g lobal business

GA Bad Check Legal Question

Gambling in Nevada!

Garment Label Fiber Abbreviations

Gas Prices

GDP by sector

gel for cooling foam ice chests

GENEALOGY/GEOGRAPHY: “Telosnicasanna” – Identify City

Genealogy: SSDI Information

Genealogy: Wills New York City

General Excise Tax in Hawaii

General Question about Highway Speeds

General reference book or other source

Generic drug manufacturers

geographical comparisons


Geography – West Bank Palestine

Geology, Weather, and Semantics

Geometry – square versus rectangle

George Wallace’s views of polls

German industry lists in English

German painter Schlichter active in Berlin 1920a-1930s

getting demolishing jobs

Getting onto search engines

Global Company Re-release

Global High and Low Temperature for 10/17/2005

Global opinion on whos guilty to prime minister …

global warming

Glycerin Pricing

GMR / FRS Intercom System

Gold Mining

Golf course in U.S

Golf Shops in the U.S.

Google Answers


Gout as bogus workman’s comp claim

Government Spending

graduate schools on long island

Grand Fathering in California’s Assembly Bill, AB 60

Graphical and Summary Results from the Rigiscan …

Gravure inks price check

Great Grand Father genealogy – Lucian (Lucas …

Greek Philosophy

Greyhound Bus Ticket

Gross Domestic Product

Gross receipts tax in Berkeley

Gross World Food Production Volume

Growing Use of Computer Forensics

Guessing misprint possibility and frequency

Guiness Logos

Gypsies in the EU

Handsfree Bud Earpiece with Built-in Microphone

Harvard Business Review Article

Health and Safety Regulations

health clinics in the US

Health differences later in life between babies …


Healthcare / Nuclear Medicine

Heavy Manufacturers

Help finding cache of site no longer online

Help With Our Public Library

Hessians in the American Revolutionary War

High Risk Health Insurance Vendors

High School Information

His for Eternity Ministries, Inc

Hispanic Companies

Historcal sugar future prices

Historic share price

Historical background on Wilhelm and Graef

Historical IT industry growth with market segment …

Historical pricing on various products by year

Historical Real Estate Values / Prices by region

Historical Stock Prices

History of a Law Firm

History of Battlefield Communications

History of great orations

History of NYSE Rule 465

History of protests against chain stores in the …

History of Reliance Bronze Corporation (1925-1935)

History of the term “carousel” in computer science.

History of US human rights/foreign policy

history resource for the peace memorial.

hobby tools, jewelers tools wholesale from china …

Home business search terms list

Home Equity Loan/Fixed vs. Variable Rate

Home Sale Tax Record Info for Oakland County, MI

Hong Kong fashion store contact details

Hotel Addresses

hotel reservation

hotels addresses

Hourly wage

House Price Index for Morris County, NJ

House Purchase Price

Household Textile Market Trends (blankets, sheets …

house’s owner


how can find someon

How Can I Get a CSV database File with all of the …

How can I get contact information / email …

How can strain and stress lead to a heart attack?

How do I buy returned CDs

How do I find the Date of Printing / publishing of …

How do I go about determining and paying royalties …

how do I write one thousand fifty in fraction …

How does a company become a “bank”?

How find excellent pubmed researchers? What /how pay?

How has U.S. consumption of limes (the fruit …

How have lawyers benefitted from queries to …

how many cities called cairo ?

How many colleges and universities in the United …

How many employees does the average US company …

How many kids under the age of 14 are there on Earth?

How Many Muslims Live in the United States?

How many neurologists in US

How many people are in prison worldwide / per country

How many Peters live in New York City?

how many plumbing and drainage companies in the world

How many properties does George W. Bush own?

How many technology companies are there worldwide?

How Many Telescopes Are There?

How much carbon dioxide is produced in the …

How much did we buy our home for in 1994?

How much does peat weigh?

How to count web links/mentions for a report

how to find all cities within 50-60 miles of zip …

How to find how much business is done by a company

How to Find List of Registered Domain Names

how to find the names of all streets within a zip code

How to Obtain Social Security Numbers of Deceased …

How to set up Advisory Committees …

How to use Google to research Amazon

How was a case before the SEC settled and sentenced.

Human alienation from the natural world. Addiction.

Human Hair Import and Export Statistics

human nervous system

human rights abuses in aceh, indonesia

Hunting in montana

Hydrogen in Earth’s Oceans

Hydrogen Technology in Saudi Arabia

I am searching ofr a manufacturer of SABININE …

I before E

I need 365 short green tips (conservation, eco …

i need a directory of new 2003 online stores

i need to find out someones full name how can i do …

I wanna locate the owner of the body shop who …

Ian Ross MacFarlane … What happened to him?

Ibiza – tourist numbers

IBM’s “Big Blue” nickname

Ice age Bering Sea ice limits

Identification of political appointees of Deputy …

Identify Surveyor’s tool

Identify these celebrities pictures

Identifying a drug in phase 111 trials

Identifying a U.S. patent by date

Identifying publisher of printed music by composer

Identifying the Owner of a Web Site – WHOIS

IDN – Internationalized Domain Names: Is Microsoft …

Illinois Mechanics Lien Law

Impact of climate change in Bhutan

In search of true intellectual honesty… a …

In search of unique meat thermometer

in the attn. of resrchr. pafalafa-ga only (short …

Incidence and prevelance of types of cancer


Income or Wealth Inequality

Income taxes on “blocked” income in a foreign currency

Income taxes on bond interest received in a …

increased suicidal ideation in ambien(zolpidem) users

India : call centers companies

Industrial Wastewater Disposal via Deep Well Injection

Infanticide in ground squirrels


Info about Internet in the Arab world

info on WTC bombing in 93.

information about a specific company

Information about CCP 664.6

information for a novel

Information for biography of Superior Court Judge …

Information obtainable through IP/IRC etc.

Information of “Narratives of a Vulnerable God”

Information on Blackwater Security Consulting …

Information on Helen E. Colbert – Opera Singer

Information on selling an “over-the-counter …

Information quickly on the ehtnic population of Cyprus

Infrared Communication between Toys

Ingress and Egress Easement Rights in California

Injury Victims

INS1500 ISDN/PRI Standard

Instruction manual for Sony receiver

Insurance and regulatory requirements for gas stations

Insurance company that Harry Heilmann worked for …

Intellectual Property and Propreitory software

Intellectual property in the country of Beloruss

Intelligent Transportation System Drivers

Interactive media games

Interested in finding any information on “Michael …

International Average Salary Data

International Graduate School of Business, IGSB …

International Press Coverage – Palm Springs …

International Relations

International time synchronization

internet info

Internet Penetration for the Hispanic Market?

Internet Search Term Database or Listing

Internet search word/phrase

Internet Search–what’s the next step?

Internet traffic ranking by most “popular” for …

Internet users in Turkey

Interpreting Bernard Russell’s “men fear thought”

Inventor of Eskimo Pies: Duncan or –?

Inventory of US Oil and Gas Energy Assets (i.e. …

IP List Location Lookup – Software Request

iporting fridge-frezzers from china

Irish Spring Bar Soap

IRS Court Rulings

IRS info on internet

Irving to Irving Relation

Is “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammuntion” as …

Is Health Insurance Available For a Child ONLY?

Is it safe to buy items from this company eg Apple …

Is it Trademark or Patent Infringement or All of …

Is K or Kb the universal abbreviation for kilobyte?

Is the profound effect that music has on humans …

Is there any e-mails’ list existing?

Is there the equivelant of the FDA for medications …

Is this company a scam?

Is this Venture Capital Firm Reliable? Need QUICK …

ISP Rankings in India

Italian Artist Ferdinando Cavalleri (1794-1865)

item willed to individual

Japanese War Criminal: KUMAKICHI HARADA

Japanese Yen History

Jewish institutions in my area

Joe Palooka comic strip

JS Bach in Secular Society

Julie Garwood books on tape

Keeping Aspirin in Suspension in Water

Kemper Insurance Company

Keswick Week publication

Key Client Program for Law Firm

Keyword search and How to document results

Keyword/Statistically Improbably Phrase extraction …

Kmart Distribution

Labor statistics-difficulty filling low level jobs

Lakes in Southwest Michigan

Land based competive sports

Language translations for negative words / phrases

Large manufacturing plants in the US based on …

large tech companies in Chicago, IL (USA)

large tech companies in Madison, WI (USA)

Largest amateur telescope

Largest metal casting

Largest U.S. Consumer Software Companies

largest universities in the united states

Law regarding the publishing of website reviews



Lawsuits against TSBME

Leadership web-site categories

Lee Iacooca’s address

Legal action filed by Federal Defenders in …

legal homicide?

legal issues regarding use of previously published …

Legal Jurisdiction over the World Bank

Legal obligation to provide tuition reimbursement

Legal research-how to properly draft a Federal …

Legal status of an emailed document in New Jersey

Legal, will, trustees discretionary power, right …

Legality of Coup Plot

Legality of using your competitors name in direct …

Legendary Sax player Junior Walker

Legislation definig the jurisdiction of the World …

Leisure (Sun and Beach) hotels in spain


Library research on robotic convoys

licensing/selling the rights of something you created

Life-long Monogamy

List of .org domain names

List of ~1000 technical books with English-German …

List of 3D animation companies

List of all addresses on a specific street (NOT …

List of All Golf Resorts In the United State

List of ALL Private Schools in and around …

List of all towns/cities by province in Canada

List of all universities/college in america w …

List Of Best Selling Truck Makes and Models

List of calendar holidays and celebrations

List of car makes and models

List of Christian high schools in U.S.

list of cities in USA by population

List of College and University Letters

List of common college textbooks

list of companies contacts e-mail address in uae

List of Deer Hunting Lodges in US

list of educational researchers

List of Employees

List of every inversion tables for sale in the USA …

List of fax numbers of local doctors from Bay …

List of Federal Government Agencies

List of GEAR-UP (Federal Program) Grantees

List of Golf Outings and Charitable Events in NY …

List of high schools and colleges (global)

List of High Schools in the U.S.

List of International Companies in Suzhou, China

list of Japanse and Chinese herbs that have …

List of journalists

List of large companies in Bergen County, NJ

List of MEMS research groups in US universities

list of motorcycle owners in Colorado

List of NHL teams and players

list of on line cigarette sellers

List of pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico

List of place names of the world

List of Political Radio Show Personalities

List of Public Domain information online about the …

list of realestate agents and franchises

List of Small Businesses in king county Washington

List of the Most Well Known companies in America …

List of top song titles

List of universities/colleges and their abbreviations

List of US cities, sorted by population.

list of USA Major Cities

List of Vanity phone numbers

List of Vietnam IPs

List of words that contain “bad words,” e.g. “assume”.

Listing of all the Quilting Publications out there

Listing of Wholesalers/Manufacturers of Home Textiles

listings of pre-foreclosure homes

Literary Criticism, 20th Century


locating a town in pennsylvania

Locating alfred Hansen valid telephone numbers

Locating and producing a cached copy of web page …

Locating Christian Right Wing Political Blogs

Locating Community Organizations

Locating someone’s address

locating the phone number and /or e-mail address …

location of exercise studio in new york city

location of plastic companies

Location of Thomas A. Bolan

Location of WW-1 Western Front placename in Flanders

Logical Relations (Philosophy)

Looking For a Bacardi Magazine Ad

Looking for a list of people

Looking for a particular Director’s contact …

Looking for a specific Photographer’s Website

Looking for a Technical Editor with expertise in …

Looking for a very good price for a dozen units …

looking for an expert in getting wind energy subsidies

Looking for chatoom/web/usenet sites talking about …

Looking for exterior shots of the old M-G-M …

Looking for funding for an indigenous Newsgroup

Looking for Names of Quilting Patterns

Looking for papers on remarriage in old age

Looking for resources relating to the true story …

Looking for specific website that shows powerful …

Looking for Vehicle Information Database (VIN)

Looking for verification that someone’s wife is in …

Looking for World Country/City Database/List

Looking into becoming an attorney

Louis Abeita: Biography of the Southern Pueblo …

Louisiana Worker’s Compensation

Low Carb foods

Luna Park, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Madison Grant’s “The Passing of the Great Race”

Magazine issue or copy

Magnets — Looking for Cheap Source

mail forwarding service

main investment/divestment made by Electrolux in …

Makers of Socially responsible investments

Mall Listing with Rentable Sale Booths in USA : PART 2

Manager to Employee Ratio

Manganese, Ferromaganese Markets? Values?

Manhattan Bridge / Tunnel traffic statistics

Manufacturer for a particular toy

Manufacturer in china

Manufacturers of stent and angioplasty catheters

Manufacturer’s website address

Manufacturing Facilities for Abbott

Manufacturing Objects

Map of 120 miles around san francisco

Mardi Gras Celebration this Saturday…IN THE …

Marketing in China

Marl Twain quotations

mass doctor complaint

Master Art Exhibition Calendar

masters and phd papers

Matching 3 digit zips (SCF level) in Indiana to 3 …

Mathematical Law

Mathematical Probability

McKinsey Quarterly articles

Meaning of an Indian word

media coverage

medicaid reimbursement for nursing home

Medical Device Malfuncioning

medical devices

Medical History and World War One

Medical Residents’ Practice

Medical science

Medicare Health Insurance

melting scrap steel

Membership of the Kentucky Cable …

Mental Quiz

Mentioning of VELUX on the internet – not building …

Merit Software makes Claims Manager product – not …

Michigan Business Directory – ranked by amount of …


microeconomics-oligopoly models

Microsoft Excel formula / code

Middle ages catholic church

Military exercises in the 1950’s – 1960’s

Military Leave of Absence USERRA rights

Million dollar earners

millitorrs and mercury


Mobile advertising

Moonlighting While Employed by US Federal Government


Moors have the right to annex Beys and Els to …

moral murder?

Mortality Rates

Mortgage loans in New Jersey

Most popular undergraduate majors?

Motor Vehicle – Make, Model, Sub-Model, VIN …

Movie, “The Thomas Crown Affair”, painting

Multifamily Pipeline Reporting in Minneapolis, MN

Multifamily Pipeline Reporting in Seattle, Washington

Municipal Bonds Webpages Sought

Municipality Maps for New York

murder information

Murder of Teresa Ellen Buckwitz

Musical Copyrights

Mutual Funds

mutual sabvings banks that have converted to stock …

My sister is saying I’m insane. Is this Libel? How …

Myocaridtis – what toxic chemical(s) can cause …

mystery domain registrar

name for a company

Name of an editor from Random House

name of person

names for father and son in foreign languages

Naming an un-named island

Naming of McElmo Canyon

Naming residents of any given city

Nasdaq 100

National (US) broadband utilization statistics …

Nationality of Surname

nations that are SERIOUSLY threatened by internal …

Navigation System traded in the stock market?

Need a list of cities and counties in all states …

Need a list of college website virtual tours

Need a list of important companies with the …

Need a List of Private Equity Firms Backed By …

need compiled source for all of the events held in …

Need contact details of largest insurance …

Need contact number for RespOrg’s.

Need Copies of selected nespaper articles from …

Need database/list of US town, counties and States

need evidence of a companies credability before i …

Need examples of successful restructurings in …

need link to these law cases or correct lexisnexis …

Need list of chemicals that can NOT be washed off …

Need Offering Circular of ISIN XS0124290296 bond

Need program to open encrypted file – Extension .EZC

Need Public Domain photos of World Trade Center …

need reference to a quote (poem? Bible?)

Need software package to track machine part usage …

Need someone to evaluate “Merlin Project”


Need To Find A Quality Control Expert

Need Web site with properly-hyphenated medical words

Negative Option Marketing Payment Provider Leads …

Neoperl Distributors


Network Card – functions of the componenets

neuropathy and high blood pressure medications.

new automobile production

New Homes

New York City Business Meeting Locations

New York City Watershed Regulations –

New York State Disability and Workers Comp

New Zealands rich list

Newly Leased Office or warehouse space

News article and contents

News article on the death of Jane Keeble

Nigerian law re drug criminals

Nigerian Women Prisoners

No Exit (Huis Clos) in English

Nonprofit Donations: Who gives more?

Non-Profit Listing

Non-profit organization salary listings.


Non-reporting corporations

Northern new england contract food manufacturers

novel online stores that ship international

NSW Australia legal case search re repairer’s lien

Nuclear radiation per MMBtu for coal plants

Number of “Gourmet” restaurants in the US (total …

Number of active eBay Sellers

Number of Businesses in the US – 2004 or projec 2005

Number of Drumsets Sold in the United States per year

number of government establishments

Number of Intensive Care Units in US

Number of judges per country?

Number of lawyers in the current US House of …

Number of LNG tank trucks in use in the US

Number of mines

Number of Obstetricians in US

Number of Patents Applied and Number of Patent …

Number of phone calls made per person in the US

Number of Small Aircraft and Pilots in US ($50)

number of tweens in the US

Nursing Homes Reportable Incidents

Nursing in the Civil War

NYSE Hybrid Market Initiative

OB/GYN Practices and Doctors by City


Obtaining US Voter Data

oceanspray coop owners

Odds of dying before age 65

Office Clipboard

offshore account with debt card

Offshore providers:

oil refinery products

Oil spills in New Jersey

oil wells in southern california

old Liverpool optician company history


Old Steam Ship

Old stock certificate — “Mexican Eagle Oil” / “El …

Old stock certificates

old stock values

Old Story about Date Rape at an Ivy League School

Olympic Accidents

Olympic Games in Berlin 1936

Omniture (Nasdaq: OMTR) annual report ?

on the water jobs in USA

Online Design Software

Online High School Textbooks

Online Public Records Niche Analysis

Online resources for comparing public schools

On-line shopping

Opening a youth hostel


optical coherence tomography

Organism Identification

origin of a quotation

Origin of poem / quotation?

Origins of Redheads

Oringinal Vortex Separator

Other websites using my product images. Can I sue …

outlook, lotus notes…

Outpatient Facilities – US

Outsourcing/Non-U.S. Operations

Over the counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) drug …

Over the Counter Drugs in the United States

Owner of Auto Mechanic Shop

Owner of Record of a Boston Business

ownership of business

ownership of election company

Oxidized cellulose hemostat source

Oyogi Competitors

pa case law



Paperwork involved in automaker importing vehicles …

Paramutual betting – What happens win the winner(s …

Parkinson’s Disease(PD)

parse a text file into an excel database

Parsing Email Addresses

Particular legal law

Partnering with skilled resources worldwide?

Patent law and MSDS information

Patent Statistics for US and other countries

Paypal Contact Information

PC Healthcheck

Pen Names and Copyrighting

Pensions and Annuities

Per capita charitable donations in Europe

Percentage of C Corporations

Performance Bond

Perscription Medication

Person search

Person Search

Personal Loyalties vs. Institutional Loyalties and …

Personal Net Worth Breakdowns

Peru – Impunity, whistleblower about corruption in …

Peterbilt Truck Lawsuits

PGA tour pairings

Pharmaceutical Company CEO’s club

Pharmaceutical Laboratories in the US

Pharmaceutical question

Pharmacology definition – oral clearance vs …

Pharmacy/Chemistry/Sodium bicarbonate


Philosophy, Common Wisdom

Phone call receiving


Photograph. FDR. Cop wyright held by oscar white …

Photograph-Matador with two figures in background …

Photographs of bacterial cultures treated with …

Physics Question: Jet Airplane Racing the Sun


Pink Sheet Stock Symbols

Pink Sheets ownership disclosure

Places of Worship in the USA

Places to post 3G and SIP Press Releases

plastic springs

Please amaze me with stacks of info on Donald B …

Please give details of the disease Mellio Diosis …

plz tell me about the state and impact of Vietnam …

Podiatry offices

Poem about two children and a boat

Poem by A. Hamilton Gibbs

Poetry- Childrens Poem

Poetry of John Keats

Political affiliation of U.S. or Indiana college …

Political philosophy: civil order and “false …

Pollution numbers

Pop-culture Rose quotes

popping sound in head

Popular unattributed quote — “..if I get back …

Population in Los Ageles based on ethnic

Porgy and Bess in New York

Portrait of George Washington and Horse

possible19th century duel in Paris or Vienna

Post-marketing survelliance – search strategies …

Post-marketing survelliance – sources of …

Post-surrender soldier casualties in World War II

Poverty Growth in United States

Power over telephony wiring

PPA as a cause of stroke/bleeding in the brain

Predatory Lending

Pregnant woman with “sleeping” Hepatitis B

Prequalified State Contractor Lists with Fax …

President Carter

Pressure treated wood

Previous Apartment Owners

Pricing Structiure of a Gallon of Gas

primary source of “when the okies left Oklahoma …

Prior Art Search – Electronic purchase order system

Private ocean buoys and registration


Probability and stats.

Probability of third child being male

Processing of marine algae

Professional Doctor information- Licensing Sanctions

Proper names that have more than one capital letter

Property and Name Search

Property Tax Values and assesments

Prostate cancer survivability

Providence Lithograph Co. and Copyright

Psychiatrist verification

public domain

Public domain content about options trading.

Public domain content not yet online

Public domain information about hiking trails in USA

Public Domain Photos of Politicians

Public Expenditure Questionnaires

Public information on Lars Birkquist

Public records request in Virginia

public tax records of small private companies

Publicly available IRS info, etc., on a 501C3 …

publishing industry segments

purchasing hyperspectral images for oil exploration

Purchasing modeling pictures for website use

Purchasing Power Parity

Qualifications for selling herbs and vitamins online?

Qualify of nursing home care

Quantity of vegetal oil, sold in Canada and US.Not …

Question about a New Jersey Law

Question about marital property in Virginia

question for: pafalafa-ga …ONLY!

QUI TAM statute in Arizona

Quick trademark question

Quilting Notion Manufacturers


Radiological Environment: Radioactive …

Rafael Correa

Raiders of the Lost Ark

ranked list of cookbooks sold

Rapid Prototype Machine

Rawhide (Leather) Suppliers

Re: Find these two books! ISBN included.

Reaching gas station owners in the US

Real Estate

Real estate attorneys in US

Real Estate Prices

Reference pointers for coal mining in southern …

Regarding “Quality is never an accident; it is …

Regarding State and Federal Tax Lien Withdrawal

register where to get email notices of retail …

Registered agent search

Registered Nonprofits in Oakland, CA

Registering a company’s name

Registering details of MandAs

Regulation of the chemical industry in Mexico

Regulations from Federal Register

Related Keywords List…

reliable, safe, low cost per vehicle mile high …

Reporting anti-trust and anti-competitive practices

Reporting international news

Reputation of Action International Coaching franchise

Rerefences for Online Stock Trading

Reseach ancient manuscript

research and locate a story in the Wall St …

Research employee dysfunction

Research Old Wall Street Journal Articles

Research on ‘best practice’ for community based …

Research on cervical diabetic (or non-diabetic …

Research on sinus and chronic cough

Research on the Pharmaceutical Industry

research paper

Research reports – Women age 35+ using technology

Research Swim and Tennis Clubs in the US

Research/due diligence on a business opportunity

Researcher employment advertisement…

reserach for law code with precedent cases in USA

Responsibilities of a New York State Private …

restaurants and cafes worldwide

Retail / Loyalty Conference in China, Hong Kong or …

retail chain stores specializing in children (6-16 …

Retail Store List

Revenue losses due to natural disasters. Examples …

richard hittleman yoga television show

Richard Seltzer MD in hot water over something he …

Rifle Manufacturer and Models

Rights Free Sudoku Puzzles

Risks of disability and death

River Statistics

Robert Pirsig Definition of Quality

Robert S. James

Roche Holding and Hoffman-La Roche stock price

Rolex Watch Links Wanted – Pafalfa Only

routing number

Rupert Murdoch’s contact information

S and P 500 historical

safety limts for endosulfan (a pesticide) residues …

Saigon Vietnam 1970 rocket attack

Salary of FEMA director

Sales Tax for Online Sales in NJ

Sample SBIR grant proposals

Samuel Richards Gaines

San Francisco bay area firms doing business with China


Sarbanes-Oxley Act

saudi arabia companies directories of october 2004



Scientific fonts

Screen-scraping laws in India

Scrotal hernias in literature?

Seafood, Fish, Fishing, and Ecological Impact

search engine results above 900 url results

Search for URL’s

Search for will Rousseau

Searchable News Headline Database

Searching Company Profiles for Free

Searching for a web page with an event that …

Searching for company in Australia

Searching for information about a person

Searching for Webquests

Searching Google for specific events taking place …

Searching on the Internet

SEC (Security Exchange Commission) requirments

SEC filings

SEC investigations into financial services firms

Security work at companies in New Mexico

Seeking an academic course in sex therapy

Seeking public domain image of Marcus Garvey

Seeking to manufacture a small consumer electronic …

Selling promotional products to McDonalds

Semen issues + painful ejaculation

Seplling corrector ugentley reqired


Short cut for IE

shortage occupations in the US

should you shout FIRE if a theater really is on …

SIC Code

Silver Nitrate (II)

Simone Weil and Max Weber

Simple Draft Shareholder’s Agreement

Single letter domain registration

Single Men in New York

single women in America

sites that sell printer ink online

Size distribution of US potato growers


Size of military for various countries

Size of U.S. software industry in 2005 or 2004

Size of USA businesses

Skull and Bones architect and architectual style of …

Small animal (mouse) research laboratories in the U.S.

Small business articles Free Use with or with out …

Small Business Grant

Small businesses and Regulation D

Small Businesses research in Phoenix Arizona…

small software companies sued over patents …

SMB Market Size

SoCal Hedge fundsq

Software reverse engineering questions: is it …

solar system chart showing the location of planets …

Songs in the public domaine

Sour Grapes

Source of Alfred Hitchcock Quotation

South Koren Stock Market


Specific request for additional research by …

Sperm competition

Spheres of the Earth

Sportsman’s personal hero

SS Northumbria casualties, 1919, graves in …

Starbucks consumption

Start up company with new search engine technology

Starting a New Rental Business

start-up business in China

Statistics of U.S. Businesses

statistics on injuries assoiciated with dirtbiking


Stats on higher-ed US instituions

Statues of Famous People

Status of existing corporation


still cameras sold in USA from 2000 – present

Stock Broker Licenses

Stock Charts on the internet

Stock manipulations and unknown change in majority …

Stock picking contest and gambling laws

stocks or buisness or detective work

Stocks owned by public officials


Stoplight Cameras and Privacy

Street Lighting

Student attitudes related to mathematics

studies concerning the use of ritalin in treating …

study of pathologists’ eye movements

Study on trade. Looking for “Terms of Reference …

Subject: A question for pafalafa-ga

Subscription to website w/still life images or oil …

sue due to flawed FICO formula

Sugar Filtration Through Bone Ash Filters

Suing a Web Hosting Company

Sunday New York Times article by A.H. Raskin

Suppliers of lepridocite

Supply Chain Maps

surnames in australia

system thinking ( creative problem solving)

T.V. show name.

tables of market economies

Tail on a U

Taiwan company research

Tampon related TSS

Tampon use in Japan

Tax Compliance Rate in the United States

Tax cut of 1964


Tax Form 990

tax id

Tax Rates – USA vs. Europe

Tax Return Access

Technology and Innovation in the past century.

Telecom in Honduras


telephone numbers

Television Commercials with vanity telephone numbers

temperature in San Francisco

temperature regulation of tuna fish


Texas Sterling Construction

The 100 best business in Canada

The Ballad of the Wanton Wife of Bath – URGENT!!!

the blank :definition and materials about …

The change in Shanghai’s education from 1900 to …

The cost of lower back pain in the USA

The Dates Of The Begining Of Wheat Harvesting.

The definition of a word that may have multiple …

the development of Vietnam Economy and integration …

The effectiveness of using pneumonic devices to …

The Fresh Market

The least likely event.

The legalities of ‘private label rights’

The medical price indices. U.S. Bureau of Labor …

The Number of Pediatric Pescriptions

The origins of my surname

The Real Rate of Inflation

The reported incidences of Lyme disease in Ipswich …

the Richmond Fellowship UK

the smell of food

the squarefeet of the building

The story of the B-17? Bomber 10 Horsepower’s last …

The use of hemoclips in gall bladder surgery

Third World Law

Thomas Merton in Calcutta

Thomas Orde-Lee; Ernest Schackleton’s crew

Tier 1 Auto Suppliers supplying fuel injection

Time it took US airlines to resume 100% operations …


Todd Eberhard jail sentence.

top 500 (or so) US companies by market cap, with …

Top Authors in Organizational Behavior

Top search terms for women’s fashion and beauty retail

Top ten countries in clam consumption

Topography in New England

Tourism Growth in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tourism statistics. I need information from …

Tourism Trends

Trace for plagerism

Tracing person through county recorders office

Track status of appliation for 501 (c) (3) status

Tracking down photo of Pakistani businessman

Trade Mark

Trademark lawsuits for using AAA in front of your …

Trademark Registered for a name we have been and …

Traffic Enforcement and Crime Reduction

Train wreck/derailment 1890’s Arkansas

Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR)

Treating Chlamydia in pregnant women

Trends In Word Frequency In News Sources

Trends related to workplace and construction …

Tricky Google Search Syntax Needed


Truck repair, wrong service performed

Trying to find news or info about a John James

Trying to locate a television commercial for download


TV ad

Two Chinese citizens living in California and …

Typical example of Monopoy

U.N. Security Council meeting on 9/15/03

U.S. business and revenue range

U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment Damages

U.S. demographic data

U.S. Solicitor General

U.S.-Russia business investment

uae dirctory companies october 2004

UK church building history 1550s

UK Team Building activity instructions

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Unclaimed funds

Understanding revenue per page at

United States FDA Consent Decree Question

United States federal budget

United States International University Ph.D. degrees

United States Senate e-mail address

unity of appreciation

University Medical Centers in US

unknown female american singer

Update on report made last year on Entropin AKA …


US Air Force court martial records

US Ambassador-at-Large Elena Lilly

US and Canadian made cars

US Book publishing last 50 years…

US Copyright Laws on Data

US County Government URL’s

US database of hotels

US Legal Advisers

US Smoked Salmon Market

US State Data

USA auto insurance

use of “divisive” in Bush speeches

use of a .ORG domain

Used car Laws in Ohio

Using Harry Potter Terminology

Using Metarhizium anisopliae for controlling …

Using wildcards in search engines

values of wild places

Valuing Contracts on a Company’s Balance Sheet


Venetian Blond

venice crowds


Vineyard Locations Hunter Valley N.S.W

volume of neonate’s lungs

Volume of surgery procedures in the US in 2004 …

W. James McNerney CEO of 3M appeance on CNBC

Waste water plants

Water Conservation

Water Relief Expenditures

We new links for global b2b market place

Wealth in Florida

Wealthiest Small to Mid-Sized Midwestern Towns

Wealthy People Married During the Great Depression

weather info

Web based Usenet

Web Page as evidence in court

Web research tool

Web Services Marketplace

Web-based spreadsheet

Website hits on real estate sites

Website monitoring/notification service?

Website ranking by traffic

Westchester County, N.Y.

Western Art Prices

What are some publicly traded companies heavily …

what are the exact statistical odds of this …

What are the legalities of quoting websites via …

What are the specific lawsuits filed thus far …

What are the top 200 U.S. Insurance companies

What do “most” Russians think of Stalin nowdays.

What happened to Curtis Media Corp of Dallas Tx …

what has townhouses sold for in my developmentI

What is “Operation Share Inc Ltd”?

What is fraud?

What is the 1–population total and 2– average …

What is the inscription on this old mysterious …

What land today is regarded as “terra nullius”?

What, really, is the difference between “limpid …

When does a line become a stripe?

When the immigration “guest worker program …

Where are there lists of the most common words in …

Where can I buy a Stanley Metal Rolling Workshop …

Where Can I Find a Listing of All the URLs I Own?

Where Can I get /company lists of “start ups” and …

Where can I purchase business address and …

Where do US citizens who are millionaires keep …

Where Enron or Worldcom ever SAP customers?

Where is Black Island, MD

Where is this person today?

Where to buy a book from Adolph Zeising

Where to find history of stock prices …

Where to find the sports action images that I am …

Which courts a person can sue in

Which search term should I use in TESS?

Who are the owners of this company

Who are the world’s top real estate brokers?

Who coined the term ‘elevator pitch’

Who first wrote ‘Eat the Rich’?

Who is searching for “Section 8”?

Who is the Director of Obi in China?

Who Needs As Star?

Who owns the character rights to the character …

WHOIS lookups

Wholesale Business

William O’Neil CANSLIM Investment Method

William Wollastons Platinum Refining Techniques

Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet 1940-45

Wipe Hardrives without Evidence of Date and Time

wireless broadband ISP

Wireless Internet Access in Toronto

Women’s Health prescription pharmaceutical products

Word Problem

World mortality statistics

World War 2

World War II history


Worldwide demographic/population statistics

Would like info on LNG fire caused by truck leak …

Writing a great will, how ???

Wrought Iron Manufacturers

wwii genreals

Wynn Murray B..roadway Musical Sons O’ Gun 1942

XML for insurance

X-ray images

Yahoo analyst estimates

Yellow Pages Advertisers

Zero clearance property easements

Zinc and Inflammation

ZIP Codes 2

Zip-code based marketing in real estate

Zometa sales

David’s eHow pages

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