Hi, my username at Google Answers is hummer-ga and I live in Canada. I’ve answered over 1100 questions and have ended with an average rating of 4.74%. You can browse my answers by clicking Here.

First of all I’d like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who used Google Answers over the past few years. You have helped us to make Google Answers an interesting place for people to read about eclectic topics, and you have kept me challenged and involved from the beginning. It has been an interesting journey for me and I could not have imagined that I would end up logging in over 1000 answers by the end of the experience! GA had a way of growing on me and evolving over time. I enjoyed researching a variety of topics including, immigration and cross border issues, e-commerce and small business, taxes, nature, shipping, used books and copyright issues. For a sampling, here are links to ten of my answers:

1. Raising Butterflies Indoors.

2. Birds That Eat Forest Tent Caterpillars.

3. Fish Biology.

4. How to Plant Waterlilies with Protection from Yabbies.

5. Best Place to Go for a Liver Transplant.

6. Find Children’s Book.

7. Employing People and the Law in Slovak Republic.

8. Cost of Opening an Office in Mumbai, India.

9. Help Shopping for Canadian Web Host .

10. Most Common Envelope Window Margins.

If you would like to contact me regarding some new research, please send an e-mail with a summary of what you need, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Not to worry, your contact information will remain confidential and our correspondence will not extend beyond the research at hand.

Happy holidays to all,


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  1. OMJSR says:

    Hi Hummer,

    I am grt Fan of ur abilities of search engine…………A salute to ur skills………


    O S Rathore


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