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I’m Jenn, formerly known as Nenna-GA at Google Answers.

I was a Google Answers Researcher from 2002 until their untimely demise as of Dec 30th, 2006. You can view my ratings here:

I am open to private research projects, content writing, editing, testing of new sites, and various other projects on the web and in person. If you would be interested in contacting me for research projects, please leave a message here on the Web Owls site or contact me at


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  1. Elisabeth Garson says:

    Hi Jenn,

    I am searching for an electric razor for my husband this Christmas. I read your review for Google Answers and was so excited. BY FAR it was the most thorough and helpful thing I’ve read in this arduous task. The man you referenced sounds exactly like mine when it comes to facial hair issues.

    I began researching the six razors you listed, and halfway through, realized that your post is from 2004. I’m wondering if he continued trying different models and if there is a more updated electric razor you can recommend…or a brand, a series, a type — anything that’s more current. I really trust your thoughts on this.

    Elisabeth Garson

  2. Nenna says:

    Hi Elisabeth –

    Thanks so much for the compliment!

    Actually, we haven’t kept up on our electric shavers. After my Grandfather passed away a year ago, in his belongings we found an old shaving brush and mug. My (now) fiancee decided he liked that idea and gave my Grandfather’s old mug and brush a try. He’s fallen in love with the brush and mug method. He found that a good quality Badger hair brush, some moisturizing natural soap, and a normal razor actually gives less irritation than any of the electrics did.

    So – here’s the deal! I actually have spent my holiday season researching badger hair brushes and whatnot because guess what his Xmas present is going to be? LOL. I’m going to get him his own so he can quit using Grandpa’s old one.

    If you decide you want to go this route – I’d me more than happy to do a few hours of research for you and help you find what would be best for your hubby. You can contact me thru the site listed above or at

    Jenn (Formerly Nenna-ga)

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