I have been a prolific Google Answers Researcher since the beginning of the service. I am a postgraduate student of social sciences at a Berlin university. Except for Internet Research, I lecture at my university, as well as another institution of higher learning; I was a students’ advisor; and I am socially active. I love to research and have worked on questions about anything from food to business; from languages to travelling; from SEO issues to religion.

My languages: German, English and Hebrew. But I can also understand, to a limited extent, other Semitic or Germanic languages.
My professional interests: social science, religion, popular culture, computers and the Internet, life in general. Some simple questions I can easily answer for you:

– Is a certain company I am dealing with online legit?

– How to work on and with eBay and similar services?

– Am I entitled to EU citizenship? How to apply?

– What institution/university/college should I choose to complete my degree? How to reach my professional goals? Is distance learning for me? What are some legit distance learning and online degrees in my chosen subject/profession?

– How to find hard-to-find movies/albums/etc.?

– How do I start or establish a political party?
– And of course, any question about religions, societies, governments. You know, life, the universe and the rest.

If you’d like to contact me, the best thing would be to leave a comment here, but you can also try pg-gaATyours.com (replace the AT with @)

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