Hi! I’m the researcher known as sublime1-ga on the now-inactive Google Answers site. You can view the record of my 753 answers here.

I’m now living in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was greatly enjoying working from home and researching questions of interest and importance to our customers.

It saddens me that the service we all grew to love is no more. Hopefully we’ll find a way to put together some alternative(s) which will allow us to continue serving the public as we’ve enjoyed doing for the past 4 1/2 years.

I’m still available to work on just about any topic that can be researched, but you may already know that I tend to favor and specialize in troubleshooting Windows systems and software, providing psychological and relationship advice and counseling, providing direction for personal growth and spiritual advancement, and researching physical and mental issues.

Nonetheless, I’m willing to consider all topics of research, so feel free to contact me at everest at gmail dot com.

If you’re having computer security issues, see my page on Windows Security. If you want to explore other topics with which I might assist you, see my Services page.

Thanks for dropping by!


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  1. Kev says:

    Dear sublime1-ga,

    I have been trying to figure out a really nagging and frustrating problem that I have been having with Word/Excel and in when opening or closing it I would get an error as follows: “compile error in hidden module: AutoExec.”

    I have been searching online to solve this problem–I bet–for two years. So many “techies” suggested–like you did–to search for and Pdfmaker.xla. While I felt dumb doing so, I’ve searched again and again for these files as though they would suddenly appear.

    However!!! You, in your Google Answers response offered one additional little tip that has changed my world…or at least half. You said: “AND before you “start” the search indicate that you want to also search hidden files.” Unbelievably the “xla” file showed up, I deleted it and wala! So thanks to you I have solved the Excel problem and I consider this a major defeat! :)

    Can’t seem to find the .dot file or whatever is causing the problem when opening Word…but I thank you for your attention to details. If you have a thought about solving the Word problem…please email me at kevmcn [at] gmail [dot] com

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