I’m Till(mann) Stoffel-Kueppers, 45 years old and I’ve been using mailboxes* and the web since the old times, when “www” was rather uncommon and Usenet and email were the most-used services.
Years later, I began to design webpages as a hobby and this became my main profession almost 8 years ago. I had never expected that career, as I studied chemistry with a focus in physical chemistry at Bonn University, but had no chance to find an appropriate job after having finished my studies.

My work for Google Answers as till-ga began in 2002 and I´ve loved this work, although I did not answer thousands of questions. My username was till-ga there.

What more can be said about Till ?

“Lives near Cologne, Germany with two cats and one wife. Loves italian and chinese food and progressive, old rock.music from the seventies.”

* isn’t it funny: younger users will most probably not understand what is meant by mailbox in the above context … sigh. sometimes I feel old.

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