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A new paid research service has launched, to fill the void left by the demise of the Google Answers service. It’s very much in beta test, but anyone who is patient and understanding of any glitches is welcome to participate.

If you followed GA, you might recognise a few of the following researchers, who can now be found at answerfinder, bobbie7, byrd, clouseau, crabcakes, cynthia, davidsarokin (pafalafa-ga), eiffel, guillermo, hummer, journalist, livioflores, nancy, pinkfreud, politamar (politicalguru-ga), rainbow, richard, scriptor, czh, sublime1, tlspiegel, umiat, …

Thought so!

The action is at


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17 Responses to “New Research Service”

  1. Crabcakes says:

    I am interested in the new service. Please let me know what I can do to help! Regards, Crabcakes

  2. Korrd says:

    I’d be very interested in this service… especially since I just went to post an English to Latin translation question on Google Answers, only to find it shut down.

  3. byrd says:

    As a former GAR, I’m definitely interested too, and willing to help if/as I can, though my time is not entirely free. Thank you for your efforts, though. They are much appreciated, and I hope will be fruitful. Anticipating good things! Regards, Byrd

  4. sublime1 says:

    Though I’ve currently formed plans to work with a startup company with a friend of mine in February ’07, I’m still interested in at least part-time involvement in any project which offers potential equaling or exceeding GA.

    Of course if such a project were wildly successful in terms of providing researching opportunities and rewards, I might just reconsider my involvement with the startup… ; )

  5. Ronald Carter says:

    Looking forward to the new paid research service.

    Ron – denco-ga

  6. Nancy says:

    I’m a displaced GAR and am very definitely interested! Thanks for taking the initiative to get a new service up and running!


    Formerly nancylynn-ga

  7. aditya2k says:

    I’m in too… Let me know how I can help.

  8. ragingacademic says:

    Excellent news, looking forward to hearing more; probably no time to participate but I’ll be there to encourage you all on! Ragingacademic

  9. Dino says:

    is the new answering service ?

  10. eiffel says:

    No way, Dino! It’s not the one that I know about anyway. I don’t like its chances of holding on to a name like that, clever though it is.

  11. Dino says:

    is the new answering service called ?

  12. eiffel says:

    Five stars to you, Dino!

  13. Dino says:


  14. Russell Crawford says:

    I am an ex-GAR, and I would very much like to participate as a Researcher at the new site. Please let me know how to apply.



  15. eiffel says:

    Russell, I’ve emailed you directly with the details. You are of course welcome to participate, as is any other former GAR.

  16. larry fogelberg says:


    Two comments:
    On the photo of Pinkfreud: Ein schöner Rücken kann auch entzücken,” a German saying.

    And because you will find it here:
    Many, many thanks for the link here under “Discovories” to the Library of Congress’s file of Produkin-Gorskii’s very remarkable early color photos. I spent hours looking at them – by far not all. One seems to have to click twice to see each one and then double click back, but it is worth it.
    There are lots of them on Wikipedia, too, always with the warning that they may not be in the public domain.

    Cheers, Larry/Myo

  17. kate beswick says:

    oh, thank goodness you are here – I recognise many of the names – you were all incredibly helpful every step of the way while I was researching my book (I am the lady writing the novel about Russians in Paris.The one who doesn’t type very well) In fact I have just had a compliment from an editor on a ‘well researched piece of work’ so I am deeply grateful to you all.You will certainly be hearing from me in the near future!

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